The back story

It occurred to me that some people may wonder why this has all fallen on me…

The truth is that our mother, sister, other brother and his two daughters all know he is back from China.

They do not know he is sick.

They all have elected to stay away and he does not want to play the pity card.

Me? and my kids? We are now his next of kin.

I see this all the time in patients-more so in the VA where I now work. These very pleasant and friendly old (er) men who are estranged from wives and children. I envision that they must have been raging, abusive alcoholics or drug crazed-gun toting gang bangers but in reality maybe they were just like my brother…

A peace loving but terrorized by an angry ex wife man who escaped into alcohol to numb the pain of being denied access to his daughter.

At some point I may play my trump card and call in the reinforcements, knowing it will relegate me to a supporting role but for now I am enjoying the company of my big brother.

He hugs me a little tighter every time I see him.

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