The homecoming

My brother will be coming home after an unexpected 3 week stay in the hospital. The routine appointment that turned into a trach, g tube and port placement.

Coming home means going to my former apartment upstairs in my big bungalow 2 flat.

I’m tickled pink to have my space back-I moved out 18 months ago on a roundabout of trying to find happiness. To New York and back-not that any of those places was bad…in fact I loved them all but now?

Now I want to be in one place. I need to have one home, my home.

I own this place, I work to pay the mortgage on this place.

I am more than happy to share it with my brother, my son, daughter in law, grandson and younger son.

Tomorrow I will unpack boxes and set up medical equipment-suction, IV pole, humidifier….

I have designated a whole counter for my brother to set up his tracheostomy and feeding tube accessories

This is my life now

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