A better day

Today I relaxed but I also went to Target and Home Depot with my brother…and his tracheostomy. Now to be clear  – I am an ICU nurse so the noises a person with a trach makes don’t faze me but I did notice the occasional look from other shoppers.

Just to back track-my brother is complaining about the most mundane and trivial things- Last night he presented me with a list of items he needs:

  • Drip coffee maker-he doesn’t like my french press
  • A frying pan-he thinks my LeCruest omelette pan is “chewed up”
  • A toilet paper holder- Really?

In addition to this list- he is cold and needs a case of tissues

I just take a deeep breath-it’s okay, it’s probably just me and my overly sensitive nurse sense. I do however want to remind him that just over a month ago he was living in rural China and was probably lucky to have toilet paper let alone a toilet paper holder!!!

On a good note-he bought tater tots at Target so I made him a cheesburger, grilled onions and tater tots. We sat by the window at the back of my house overlooking the alley and he ate it all-every last bite-which means he won’t have to pour his dinner into his stomach through his G tube!


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