quiet, peaceful days…not!

A lack of posts does not indicate serene calmness here. Yes, there is a distinct lack of CPR and other medical emergencies but an insane level of stress and restrained politeness has set in.

Brother Grouch has arrived. The humble, near death, grateful brother has been replaced by argumentative, selfish, know it all brother. It doesn’t matter what we discuss, I’m not going to argue with him-I defer to him on everything.

For example, he claims there is nothing to eat but I know there is pasta, soup, eggs, more soup, pancakes, snacks, ice cream, bacon, burgers…

No problem, let’s get other things to eat.

It’s not all bad. My brother is very neat and he did my laundry for me this week which is a huge help.

My boyfriend sent him a link to some “cancer cure”. I saw that my brother responded saying-“somewhere out there is a death certificate with my name on it….” he went on to say thanks very much but the VA is treating him very well

How do you draw the line on behavior with someone who is looking death in the face?

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