Feeling empty

After struggling with another demand-this time for more water pressure and being berated for my parenting skills from someone who daughters refuse contact with him…

I am feeling numb-like nothing bothers me any more. I don’t even feel the need to say it~it’s obvious~I just am not bothered.

Even my BF could’t get me a rise out of me and he is a champion chain puller.

I was telling a nurse at work about some of my trials and tribulations about life on “the other side”…being a caregiver not the nurse. She said she experienced the same thing with wives of men who had just had cardiac surgery. She told the wives that the men were rude, inpatient and demanding of the wives because they trusted them. They were sweet as pie to the nurses because they depended on them for ice chips and pain medicine. I have to agree and say I like being the nurse more than the caregiver.

My brother said he wanted to see a Van Gogh exhibit at the Art Institute so I got a membership so he could go a few times. Today the card came in the mail and I said let’s go Sunday.

He says “Why Sunday?”

I said well, Saturday or Sunday whatever you want…to which he replies but “Why this Sunday?”

I said well, the Van Gogh exhibit ends May 11 so just keep that in mind, doesn’t have to be this weekend but..to which he replies “Then we need to go sooner rather than later”

Okaaaaay, so I guess we are going this Sunday

That’s my life in a nutshell~~Happy Friday!

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