Up, down, sideways

Down first? My brother had a new demand. He seems to get something in his head and can’t let go. A desk. He needed a desk, a desk…a bigger desk….

My daughter had some of my furniture and wanted me to take it so she could get her own new sofa for her new unmarried life.

So there’s me thinking that i could kill two birds with one stone. Rent a van-move my furniture and get a nice second hand desk. While I was the the resale shop I also saw a “stone” kitchen table.

It seemed sturdy but I assumed it was a “composite” or “fake stone” top. No, it was a proper 3ft x 6ft solid stone table top that my sons insisted weighed over 200 lbs.

Older son was cursing, the rest of us were pissed at his behavior and once again I was left with that “I was just trying to help” feeling.

My brother got his desk.

On the upside, I did take my brother to see the Van Gogh exhibit. I was merely the escort and deferred to him. Let him take as long as he wanted…and he did stand a long time at some of the paintings. He stood close, unapologetically gazing at the paintings as if he would never get this chance again. He seemed very peaceful so I just stood back and waited.

I do want to mention that I am very proud of my brother for going out in these very public spaces with his tracheostomy. It can be noisy and he doesn’t try to hide it but people are less put off than I would have thought. I can imagine that most people in his situation would just stay around their house.

Sideways? IMG_0901

That is the inner cannula of my brothers tracheostomy soaking in his coffee cup in my kitchen sink. As an ICU nurse, I am simply speechless


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