Am I missing something?

I live with a 60 year man (my older brother) who has been diagnosed with stage 4 tongue cancer with metastasis to the liver, spine and femur. He is completing his first round of adjunctive chemo and radiation with minimal side effects. He saw his oncologist today and this is his assessment of that visit

I went and saw Dr. K this morning and she was giggling like a schoolgirl as she was reading my chart.  She said whatever I’m doing, just keep doing it.  I may actually turn out to be one of the lucky ones.
A house, a small business and cancer free.
Trust me-I have no desire to burst his bubble or bury him anytime soon but this is also before any repeat imaging to even assess whether the chemo has done anything to the outlying sites let alone the only slightly less massive tumor in his neck.
He is on a Fentanyl patch and takes Norco a few times a day although he did tell me that sometimes 4 aspirin work just as well and don’t make him sleepy…
He does ride a bike almost daily (weather and nausea permitting) and he was very helpful moving furniture last weekend but~
Could he be anywhere near being cured? I considered calling his doctor but will refrain from getting in his personal business.
Maybe now I can stop walking on eggshells and tell him his share of the mortgage is due??

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