Surgery is not to be taken lightly

I had surgery last Thursday-four years ago I slipped on a puddle of water “at work” but while visiting my son who happened to be a patient at the hospital where I worked. I thought I simply embarrassed myself big time and despite feeling like I was going to pass out I did my usual…”No, I’m fine”…”No, really I don’t need any ice…”No, I’m okay”…

Clearly I was not as I had rather dramatically torn my hamstring muscles off my bone and simultaneously was bleeding like a MF’er into my leg.

The first doctor told me that since I don’t jump hurdles or run sprints (aka old, gray and fat) I shouldn’t really bother with surgery…”after 3 months you’ll just have the occasional twinge”

After several months of PT, rounds of doctors, sciatic pain, steroids etc a second doctor told me it was inoperable as it was now scarred to the back of my leg.

But earlier this year after another bout of sciatic pain I was in yet more physical therapy when my young healthy and rather chirpy therapist said “Have you ever considered having that operated on?”

Fast forward to April 28, I am in the pre-op holding area at my local hospital having the same feeling I get when I am sitting on the runway waiting for  flight to take off…I tend to look around and want to put my finger up and say..”Ummm, I think I’ve changed my mind. Can you just open the door and let me off?”

I hung in there and drifted off to sleep, waking up 4 hours later with the on my leg.

IMG_0912As you can see or let me clarify-this is a large (but light) brace that goes from my hip to my ankle.


I will be wearing this the better part of everyday for the next month.

The surgery was on the more complicated end of the spectrum of options-took longer to dissect the sciatic nerve/muscle loose and required the use of a donor tendon graft so even though the pain has not been unbearable it is sore, difficult to move and almost impossible to sit.

IMG_0923Now 6 days post-op I still spend most of my days horizontal-when I am upright I am dizzy and lightheaded. Hoping everyday will be better but so far it’s very slow.

My brother?? He’s enjoying his break from chemo and radiation, starts a new round of PET scan, CT etc next week.



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