Mail, Paranoia and CT Results

Got this when I arrived at work this morning

What’s going on with the mail at this address? I’ve had to get a PO Box because letters were disappearing and now Fed Ex says they can’t deliver here.

What the fuck are you talking about??? I replied

Nothing is “going on”. It’s a multi family house-they are wrong

Fuck sake, they deliver mail for tenants from 5 years ago!!!

Then what is the “right” solution to the problem of me not getting my mail?

deep breath….

I don’t know ask the post office, ask Fed ex. Tired of paranoid accusations. Nobody is taking your mail

I was thinking-nobody gives a shit about your fucking mail. Maybe you just don’t have any fucking mail!

They suggested I wait on the porch everyday for the delivery or get a post office box.

Really?? that’s the only option???

Then he dismisses it all as a minor irritation….grrrrrrr

Later in the day he texted me that the hospital called and told him “all his lesions are very much improved” according to his CT from Monday.

I still haven’t asked which lesions-the ones on his liver, the ones on his spine or maybe the grapefruit size mass on his neck is only tennis ball size now?

It’s good news for him but when you spend 90% of your time aggravating everyone around you it’s hard to be supportive. I know I’ll regret this some day but I am really out of compassion at the moment.




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