Childhood memories

My brother is into week 2 of his 3rd cycle of chemotherapy. While bright and chipper and hiding out from the heat, he is skin and bones.

I can say this because he regularly appears in either a shirt and boxers with his skinny legs or shirtless with shorts that displays a distinct lack of body fat.

He is taking quite a few cans of feeding through his G tube everyday which I assume is part laziness and part difficulty swallowing.

He has laid off targeted criticism so I am able to be cordial and share some laughs.

In my recent break up with my long term “boyfriend” he commented more than once that I had been abused as a child (?) -he added that my brother confirmed it and it was okay he “got it”

I finally had a chance to bring that up to my brother-not saying that he had said that exactly but what could he have said that made my ex say get that impression?

My brother was genuinely puzzled and we discussed our shared and individual childhood experience because hey, maybe he knew something I didn’t.

Nope, we both agreed that however poor (financially)and later flawed our childhood was (our parents divorced at 17 years of marriage) 15 of those years were very happy and we felt very much loved.

We both agreed our early childhood was almost “idyllic”-full of music, art, creativity and all the hope of political change the 60’s/70’s had to offer.

In the end I was glad that I addressed that with my brother-it allowed us to share some happy memories.


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