My brother has a new obsession. Marijuana stocks.

He came to me a few weeks ago comparing signing up to Scottrade to playing Monopoly. In fact that’s how he broached the subject. In his usual matter of a fact way he asked me if I liked playing Monopoly. When I gave a thoughtful and honest reply that I used to enjoy playing  but it’s better with more people…

He cut to the chase-because he is on disability and has to pretend to be a pauper and all his money is in my name….He wanted me to sign up for a stock trading account and use his money to but marijuana stocks.

His main selling points?

  • It will be fun, like playing Monopoly but with his money
  • This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. after the election 5 more states are likely to be recreational. It’s like investing in alcohol after prohibition or the car industry after Henry Ford
  • It will take 10 minutes.

He hounded me for several days until I finally told him I wasn’t too crazy about taking this on. IRS and already dodgy international bank transfers on my account. 10 minutes, he said. It will only take 10 minutes

I went ahead and opened an account after getting some advice that maybe he was right on point #2 above but I can assure it it has taken much more than 10 minutes. I’d say all told it has taken me a few hours to set up an account and make some simple trades in marijuana stocks.

Now I just have to sit back and watch that money grow….

I got this email question from my brother today

Is it possible for you to divert a sterile surgical gown, cap and booties?  One of those round mirror things would be cool, too.

Why I asked-Halloween is over


He is planning to cultivate some Psilocybin Mushrooms



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