Let’s face it, things are not going well in my multi family dwelling. I am so pissed by my brothers continued lack of insight that I am barely talking to him and he is avoiding me for the brief periods of time when I am home.

My grown son who lives downstairs is equally lacking in any sense of fairness and respect for others.

They both must go and I have no patience for either.

I am normally a very patient person so this situation is not a result of me being impatient.

One of the simple examples of how I learned patience is by describing how I learned to make a particularly well loved Christmas cookie~the Florentine.


As a young, inexperienced wife I bought a rather boring Christmas book with recipes, stories and crafts. I read the recipe for the florentines and thought it sounded good. The directions didn’t seem to difficult but a few simple sentences can be misleading without cues like-you really need to use lemon juice to get a shiny crispy side or 6 tablespoons means exactly 6 level tablespoons.

For several years in a row I tried these cookies over and over again with the same sad results. They all ran together, were burned around the edges or stuck to the aluminum foil.  I threw out lots of inedible cookies but slowly i managed to salvage a few and the results were so tasty that I vowed to give it another try next year.

After about 10 years of trying I had some real success. I managed to have enough to share and everyone loved them so I just kept honing my technique.I am the first to say these are some finicky cookies and take about 3 hours to patiently watch the oven and make sure they don’t burn but at the 30 year mark I can say that today I made a double batch of near perfect florentines. No discards and because they get paired up I actually managed to make an exactly even number.

I just want to say again that this did not happen overnight, nobody showed me how to make these cookies. I just kept trying til I figured it out for myself and most importantly I  I didn’t give up.

Now I have that wonderful sense of satisfaction that I have mastered this recipe for myself, that I know every nuance, every right and wrong way to make these cookies and I can replicate them every year. That, my friends is patience.

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