At the cinema with the Inner Fire #1

As you may or may not have noticed-I made a news years non-resolution to see a movie and to clarify this excludes netflix, you tube or an airplane. I resolved to go to a real life moving picture house, buy a ticket and plop myself in one of those comfy seats…popcorn optional.

My first choice, not my choice really but my daughter wanted to see LaLa Land. Predictable, yes but we have been working on the logistics for a few weeks and it only happened on the day of coincidentally, hours before the Golden Globe awards at which it pretty much swiped all the categories across the board.

Saying all that, I’m not sure that I would say it was the greatest movie ever but I did enjoy it. The adjectives I’d use are: unique, quirky, good special effects and cinematographic techniques, bright, mostly positive, great dancing numbers. I’d rate it 8/10, 4 out 5 thumbs up, definitely recommend…to most people.

The whole experience was relatively pain free considering we went at 10:45am on a Sunday. Tickets were $6 each which I tend to feel enhances the experience because I don’t feel totally ripped off if its not that good.

I feel pretty chuffed with myself for actually accomplishing 1/12 of my goal. Last year I planned to make all three sessions of bootcamp and failed miserably…

On to February!!

2 thoughts on “At the cinema with the Inner Fire #1

  1. OMG!!! I was JUST talking about this movie to someone it “good but sad”?? I have not seen it but that’s how someone described it… Great resolution!!! have you gotten your FITbit fixed yet??

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