Cancer and Dentistry part 2

My brother was scheduled to come to the hospital where I work for a second opinion regarding his dental problem-basically his teeth are so bad that the only option is to pull one tooth and risk the whole delicate mess to collapse.

He was given the same recommendation that the tooth is “unsalvageable” so he will “allow” them to remove that one tooth.

He was at my work on Friday afternoon so when I saw him Saturday I asked how his “patient experience” was….big mistake. He started off saying that…it’s your choice…but if I had an option to work there or anywhere else I would quit that job and go anywhere else!

Alrighty then…please don’t hold back…I know its got its problems but I was planning to stay there another 10 years or so until I can retire but really, do tell me why my place of employment is the worst place in the world to work?

He went on to describe how the employees were all just standing around talking about their social lives, they didn’t acknowledge him and barely made an effort to answer his questions. I don’t in any way dispute his depiction, I witness this all the time but in a public health care setting I hardly believe that it makes it worse than, say…. a hospital in Zimbabwe?

After the tirade ended, I told him that we have a new medical director and he is asking for feedback-perhaps he would like to provide his personal and in depth feedback directly to him? He didn’t take that up but he did apologize later for getting “huffy” and thanked me for my generosity.

I think he was just tired, cranky, not in his usual medical environment and did not get the answer he wanted from the dentist.

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