March Wind up

We’ve been enjoying brilliant weather not just in March but all winter. Chicago set a record for no (zero) accumulation of snow in January and February. We did have a minor snowfall-about 3-6 inches over two days…by Chicago standards…nothing.

The promise of spring is real now~~lots of rain, clouds and cool weather but also crocuses, daffodils and buds coming up/out. I started carrot and lettuce seeds…more to come.

I still have 4 days left for my new years resolution movie trip-one cinema trip per month- I have the movie picked out just need to get there.

I am also fulfilling my 2016 new years resolution-get to boot camp Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So far in March I have only missed 2 sessions and the big shift is that I haven’t been stalling and making excuses and to be honest I have stuck with no alcohol the night before boot camp.

I am excited to be visiting California in April. Amazingly, I have never been to California so my goal is to see the Pacific Ocean.


The pits have gone into dirt!


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