Well, it’s been a hectic 2 years since my last update. Still in Chicago, still working as a nurse in infection prevention, daughter got divorced, son got married, became a grandma (WOOHOO!), on/off/on/now officially off with “special friend”, coping with my brother and his cancer, living through tumultuous political mayhem but looking forward to spring, my garden, my grandson!!!

Updating the Update: January 2015 !!

After a brief stint in New York City I am moving back to Chicago. Still a nurse, still a mom but unsure about almost everything else. Seriously…

Update: December 2013

I am still here in Chicago, still an Infection Control Nurse Consultant, still trying to make up to my kids for my time away, still have my beloved Cleo, the cat, bought a house and have a “special” friend….stay tuned!


i’m still a middle-aged american woman but i recently moved back to my hometown of chicago after living in england for the past 7 3/4 years…i don’t have to update my mom anymore because i live with her for the time being….now iwill be updating all the friends i made in england who are scattered all over.

i still don’t know what my plans are for the future-it’s not easy starting over at 53 but…the best part is i am still a nurse and i love, love, LOVE my new job as an infection control nurse consultant!!!

I still plan to comment on healthcare, nursing, america and any thing else that catches my fancy….

i’m just a middle aged american woman living in england for the past  4 5 6  7 years, confused about where i am going next. enjoying domestic bliss in my little semi detached ex council house love nest in south birmingham   the heart of england.

i love my kids, my family and friends, a special man, being a nurse, making stained glass, working in my garden and our cats cleo and jack!!


DISCLAIMER: let’s get this straight, i’m just one middle aged, hormone driven female with as many moods as the sky has stars. try not to take what i write here too seriously, while i try to write from the heart it is, at the end of the day, intended to keep my mom up to date with my life and thoughts while i am far away. i do have private areas that i need to keep private, my mom doesn’t need to hear the “bad” stuff…she just wants to know i am happy and share a laugh with me.


got a problem with that?


this is spooky, i picked the title for this blog rather spontaneously from a quote website

“The inner fire is the most important thing mankind possesses.”

Edith Sodergran

when i went back to give credit to the author, i may not have chosen so randomly

read here

we share the same birthday…must make a point of reading her poems


14 thoughts on “About

  1. I have been enjoying your blog very much. I am an American critical care nurse (recovery room) interested in working as an expat in England for awhile. Can you tell me how realistic a goal this is? How does one go about getting hired as a foreigner in England? I’m not particular about where I live. Thanks very much for any information or sites you can point me to that will help me realize this goal. And thanks for the blog — it’s great!


  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    Allow me to stick my nose in for a moment to give you this link:


    If you’re not already familiar with it, it will give you some insight into visas. However, actually getting a job might be a different kettle of fish. If you can get an employer to hire you, they would then apply for a work permit for you and you would then apply for the visa.

    However, look at the info on the link. Depending on your age and experience, you may have enough ‘points’ to qualify for a type of visa that allows you to come in an look for work. I’m sorry I don’t know much more about it than that, but take a look and see what you think. Good Luck!

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