beyond hope

it’s well over the 20 days the home office claimed that 70% of applications are decided…in fact it’s about 35 working days…or 6 weeks.

i can’t even think about it anymore.

funny thing is… someone else who got in a huff because i didn’t want to make plans to go away for his birthday (which was yesterday) and claimed…”you’ll have it back by then” now asks on a daily basis if i have heard anything…

i’m still not worried that it will be approved but my passport is my only form of identification and as mentioned i can’t travel or even make plans to travel…supposedly it could take another 8 weeks…*SIGH*

2 thoughts on “beyond hope

  1. Fingers crossed it won’t take that long! One of the ‘advisors’ on one of the sites I hang out at says the apps she sends in are taking between 4 and 8 weeks – she’s doing different types of ILR apps – none of hers are taking longer than 8 weeks…

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