remember when….

when i was annoyed, fucking annoyed…because i hadn’t received my passport back from the home office???

well, that was months ago…3 months exactly…months of bad dreams and worrying, fretting and thinking…maybe today?

when i hear the mail drop through the slot i literally walk to the door, hands clasped together, looking up, saying…..please, god…PLEASE GOD….let my passport be here~~~

but i don’t really believe in god…and maybe now he/she is playing a really mean trick on me~~~

soooo, next week it all crosses the line….from just having to sit back and wait…and embarking on an aggressive phone call/letter writing campaign to obtain answers about where exactly my application is in the process, what is holding it up and when i can expect its safe, stamped return…

how many times do you think i can say…i’ve paid £750 for this service!!!!!

as we say back home….come hell or high water…i will have my passport back soon!!!

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