this is england

i suppose that we all have ideas about what places will be like…and i myself have been subjected to such broad and derogatory perceptions about the US that i have to take a deep breath before i set out to try and explain how it really is….

england is after 5 years much different than i expected…i’m just going to post a few links and want to encourage a discussion about what others have found here or what they would like to find….this is one of my “hard” posts…where you have to do a bit of work and listening…

first, i think rose told me about this film…

rascist england

west indian immigration

i have lots of first hand experience with the british education system…particularly at the secondary level. it was not an easy path although it should have a happy ending. i have been toasted on an american expats forum for pointing out its shortcomings…here’s a few interesting articles about kids in england

britain fares poorly in international league tables

mapping child poverty

i don’t want people to point out the situation in the US, i am well aware of child poverty…. in chicago, i worked on the west side….. but i think i am becoming disillusioned that the welfare state is unable to  change peoples behavior…. to make parents care for their children, to be motivated to work and strive for more.

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