my public transportation diary

this page comes from my increasing frustration and annoyance with public transport….i started here

there is a real complaint that i am waiting (but not too long) for a response…this came next

today??  i took the first of my 3 bus trip to work…it was sooooooo slow because of rain and traffic that i hopped off and planned to take the train. it comes every 10 minutes and is pretty much on time.

just a brief note because i am no huge fan of the trains, but if the train is scheduled for every 10 minutes and the journey is 10 minutes….then a 10 minute delay is a BIG DEAL!!!!

so, i am standing at the ticket window…in a bit of a rush….when i hear the man ahead of me say…

i need tickets for 44 girls to go to…(me passing out)…in 2 hours

i’m thinking…how long is this going to take, why would you wait until two hours before to figure out what you have to do….bloody fucking hell! lucky me….the ticket guy tells him he has to call this number, we don’t do that here….mwah!!! big kiss to him!

i got to work on time and it only cost me an extra  £2.50

the return?? i had a laugh at three little (literally) old dears…they still haven’t gotten the route changes sorted out and there was a lot of finger wagging at the bus drivers…they didn’t take a breath giving their opinions of the changes, gathering information about where each route goes and tsk, tsk, tsking in between…

all was well for me until i got on that last stretch….the one that passes the college at *gasp* dismissal time

i was all relaxed on the upper deck, when they descended….loads and loads of college students, loud and flirty and chatty after a tough day of study (yeah right)

i am surrounded…in front, behind…talking over and past me…a girl next to me sits down but gives up the seat to her boyfriend and she proceeds to sit on his lap and they welllllll, ummmm, suck face for the next 15 minutes….

i pay for this….


2 thoughts on “my public transportation diary

  1. Without a driving license, anytime I have to go anywhere I have to put up with this, and ever noticed how people tend to behave better on the train? – Anywho an entertaining read and muchos thanks for adding my blog to your Blogroll 🙂

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