another red letter public transport day

yesterday, wednesday i went to london. this a two bus two train journey.

the mornings are fairly straightforward, everyone is half a sleep and patient.

i don’t know who are most annoying ..the chavalistic kids on the bus or the ego maniacal business suit types…and this includes female business types.

my job paid £130, yes! that’s ..$215.. for a train ticket on a journey of 1 hour 10 minutes there and 1 hour 20 minutes back…i think i pay $15 for the train to my mom’s from chicago which is about an hour away…

this very expensive ticket seems to entitle me to a window seat…on arrival at my window seat yesterday morning a female business type got all snooty when i said that’s my seat. she had her lap top out and her purse, jacket, bag etc on my seat…she had to move everything so i could sit down.

same thing happened on the way back the business man was all spread out and at least he was pleasant as he moved all his stuff but then proceed to respread out using both arm rests, he enthusiastically ate an apple and pick bits out of his teeth, sighed loudly, cracked his knuckles and rustled his paper loudly and dramatically..

sorry but when you are sitting so close to a stranger that you are touching, some personal habits need to be curbed.the thing about these business train rides is that everyone who takes them more than once (like me) knows that they are packed!! always!! no extra seats!!!! standing room only!!!! why the hell would you stretch out like that???????????

i dozed off on the way home and woke up to the disturbing sight of four men tapping away on their laptops…mesmerized….because i don’t see enough of that at home….

on my return to birmingahm, i thought i’d just missed my bus and would have to wait 20 minutes. imagine my delight when the old 45 pulled up just 2 minutes after i got to the stop…i was literally thinking   ~~~ “lucky me!”

got on and the bus driver says

don’t go upstairs…


don’t go upstairs, somebody vomited….

repeat to the next 30 passengers

so what should have been a  fairly spread out, tranquil bus ride where i could eat the chicken pasta salad i bought because i was starving…..turned into a rather cozy, uneasy ride.

the driver did step on it and i got home in only 30 minutes….i think he was as fed up as the rest of us!

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