public transportation update

i am still a public transportation victim passenger. i have a handy dandy chicago pass which gives me unlimited access to all “L” trains and buses~clear out to the surrounding suburbs.

my main line is the blue line~forest park to o’hare airport

fucking hell! 34.5 miles~24 hours a day

we’re not in kansas any more….

i can see the blue line from my back door and i have had the pleasure of enjoying its nearly full 34.5 miles

i do not look forward to that on a regular basis

but i do hope to provide some CTA stories

i am used to the homeless people sprawled across two seats on my morning commute but  today on the way home i was surprised to see a guy so dirty and passed out at 3pm that i felt compelled to make sure he was breathing

he was right behind the drivers seat so i said to the driver ‘he doesn’t look so good” to which the driver just shrugged….

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