when snoring becomes sinister

i have commented to a few people about my most recent and in some ways trumps all the horrible virgin train rides by a mile…

i was on the brown line the other day about midday and i’m not sure if i sat in front of him or he sat behind me but i started to get jogged out of my window gazing by what i assumed was snoring coming from behind me.

it got so annoying i turned around to see who was making all the noise when i realized he was so close to the back of my seat that my hair brushed his face when i spun round.

it got quiet for a few minutes and then resumed and i could feel something/one tugging at my jacket

then the moaning started…and it all fell in place…the guy was wanking..jerking off….masturbating…inches away from me.

i got up, in a huff, and moved to a safer seat…and he seemed a bit indignant that i wasn’t happy to share the love..

i thought about it later and thought okay i’m sure that homeless people must be starved for affection, i’ve read that patients get like that…all the care recieve is therapuetic when what they really need is simple affection to make them feel human again….but bloody hell…i am not so open hearted that i am gonna be the object of some homeless guys erotic fantasy!!!

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