tracya’s 21 city UK tour-2010-11

after more than a year of frustration and misery at the hands of communications people and creative consultants…
i now have my own little personal sub study. it involves visiting 21 hospitals and reviewing the notes of patients who’ve had positive blood cultures and determine whether they are associated/related to the CVC…

it could make or break the whole project…
the fun part for me is that i have some control over the cities i visit-and i’m going to share my impressions of these places with you!

first up Cheltenham-Wiltshire-posh horse country

Cheltenham Rating 1-10 Comments
Train journey 3 Virgin- Blech!! At least it’s not as crowded as the train to London
Taxi ride to the hospital
driver 6 Nice driver, didn’t chit chat and let me take in the scenery, it was snowing so it was really pretty
Atmosphere/architecture 8 Very posh! Big Georgian(?) houses
The Hospital
toilet 7 Nothing memorable, easy to find and clean, just like it’s supposed to be
staff 8 Not overly friendly, didn’t offer me a cuppa or show me where the loo was but the 2 drop dead gorgeous doctors I spoke made up for the bursting bladder- and I mean drop dead gorgeous-model type handsome!!!
ICU 7 Big, spacious and new
overall 7 Pleasant trip in general, lobby was full of good looking horsey types-lots of tweed and leather boots

next is swindon, wiltshire -let me say i lived in swindon when i first moved to the UK and going back reminded me how grim it was….

Swindon Rating 1-10 Comments
Train journey 4/8 Two trains on this trip-Virgin- even more crap in contrast with the Great Western train which has old fashioned carriage doors that you have to open with a handle. Train was mostly empty and just nice and quiet-pretty scenery-lots of snow!!
Taxi ride to the hospital
driver 5 unremarkable
Atmosphere/architecture 4 Even more unremarkable
The hospital
toilet 4 Didn’t see it, didn’t use it
staff 5 Not overly friendly-didn’t remember me even though I used to work there and I remembered her
ICU Didn’t get offered a tour but I knew what it looked like
overall 5 Bland, boring, just as I remember it-maybe it could have been better but this was day one of my flu, it was snowing and I knew the trains would be delayed so I just wanted to get out of there!

next stop-dudley, west midlands-what can i say about dudley-doodalay. it’s local, kinda and i’ve already been to the tourist sites-see them for yourself here and listen to them talk

Dudely West Midlands Rating 1-10 Comments
Train journey 5 No trains on this one- just buses! 2 loooong bus rides and one short one. I’ve never seen so many decrepid old people as at the Dudley bus station-really-looking like they were just going to keel over…and I couldn’t understand a word they said.
Taxi ride to the hospital
driver N/A  
Atmosphere/architecture 6 Typical grim Black Country-just after the snow melted so extra grim but they can’t help it
The hospital
toilet 4 Grim, scary for a hospital
staff 9 Really friendly, showed me the kitchen and told me to help myself-
ICU N/A Didn’t get offered a tour
overall 8 The really friendly doctor made up for the rest of it

then on to liverpool! slightly more exciting….lots to find out about liverpool just google-scouse-start here

Liverpool Rating 1-10 Comments
Train journey 8 London Midlands trains-half empty-like the trolley that goes through with tea/coffee and snacks
Taxi ride to the hospital
driver 8 Quiet going there but friendlier coming back
Atmosphere/architecture 8 Really interesting-on the train I saw houses so close together back to back that the garden was walled in. wish I had time to visit the museums across from the train station
The hospital
toilet 2 Yikes! Smallest, oldest hospital lobby toilet I ever saw
staff 9 All the staff were really friendly, one guy made me the best cup of tea ever-in a real cup!! Not Styrofoam. Asked me about a hundred times if there was anything I needed.
ICU 8 Gave me a tour of the unit-really busy but everyone was nice-introduced me to the manager
overall 8+ As an American girl who grew up in the 60’s, I thought it appropriate to listen the beatles on the way up-staff were great-even if I could barely understand them


Rotherham Rating 1-10 Comments
Train journey 6 Quiet, uncrowded-tiny station at Rotherham
Taxi ride to the hospital
driver 10+ Three of my 4 journeys to and from the hospital I had the same chatty driver who gave me a tour and a bit of history of Rotherham. He had a big laugh when I asked what Rotherham is famous for-apparently not much
Atmosphere/architecture 8 Lovely old, genuine south Yorkshire
The hospital
toilet 7 New £2 million lobby- snazzy loo and posh costa coffee
staff 8 Really nice doc, although I was a bit taken distracted by the 8×10 photo of his wife.
ICU ? Didn’t get a tour of the ICU too busy
Overall 9 Really enjoyed both trips to Rotherham, nice friendly people and my first Yorkshire bus experience

3 thoughts on “tracya’s 21 city UK tour-2010-11

  1. Oh, I was looking at your public transportation diary and thinking it was this page. Interesting…awaiting your ratings for Rotheram…

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