4 thoughts on “the pits grow up

  1. Cool, how are your little trees getting along? I started the process of sprouting two seeds in late October, and just like yours, I have one sprinter, and I have tortoise. The sprinter is about 2 feet tall, the tortoise, is just beginning to emerge from his shell (pun intended).

    I am trying to definitively answer the question, can a store bought avocado’s seed produce a tree that bears decent fruit. It’s going to be a long process. Would love to hear how your plants are doing?

    • thanks for asking about my pits! i’ve had very mixed progress-i had/have a few that met with seasonal lack of sun and are have died or are currently stagnant-struggling to survive.

      i don’t think englnad is the best place for me to try to grow avocados-i had one that got to about 6 feet tall in chicago- indoors. but that was with much more sun than we could ever hope for here.
      i will have a good look through your site as i think that is a very good question-can a store bought pit ever produce fruit…i have never even seen a proper fruit producing avocado tree. maybe something to put on a list of things to do-i think italy or spain would be closer than california…

      i just, a few days ago threw out a pit i had waited and waited for but christmas means more avocados so i have three new pits to coax along….

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