variations of pits

i find a huge variation in the beauty of each pit and from that form preconceptions about their potential. i think the “perfect” pits are the ripe ones but avocados are temperamental. the ones that seem squeezably soft and ripe sometimes are over ripe and black inside, prob due to rough handling.

there is a thin paper skin that can be quite difficult to remove from nice to eat but on the under ripe side.

here’s a pic of the quints which shows the variation


the pit on the right, the paper skin just fell off but the one on the left i won’t even try to peel because it will just bruise the pit


like this one!!

i’ve started the wait….


obviously three look pretty promising but the other two….well…..we’ll see!

UPDATE: 24/10/09

of the original 5 most promising only one has actually produced a root…but it’s a waiting game…


Update: 29/1/2010 i got tired of waiting for the others so i chucked them, just have the one that sprouted and the other one still has hope…

all my plants are in winter no-grow hibernation mode but i can see that with the ever so slightly longer days the are starting to get some new leaves…c’mon spring!!!!!!

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