12 thoughts on “my stained glass

  1. Can you tell me where you found the stand holding up that mirror (I’ve been meaning to ask since the last time I was at your place). I’ve been looking for something similar for our bathroom mirror…

  2. Hmmm, I just bought something similar in Door County – figured it would work, as it was holding an engraved STONE plaque, but my mirror is too tall (even the short way) and keeps tipping over…must think of something else…

  3. And, although I didn’t mention it, I think your work is gorgeous. I took a look at how your latest project is coming along before I passed out last night, and it looks like a fantastic start. The entire pattern looks way too complicated for me, but the way you’re putting it together, it looks doable – look forward to seeing it as you go along…

  4. Pretty.
    You should make a bussiness out of it, Tracy.
    There is a regular crafts fair at Brindleyplace, where people sell stuff like paintings, sculptures , graphic art on canvas.
    I’ll try to find out for you if you are interested.

  5. Love your work – and your interesting experiences as an expat in UK.

    We do mosaics with ceramics for our own enjoyment in our retirement in Spain. Would love to have a go at stained glass.

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