a boy, 3, smoking?

Mother guilty over smoking boy, 3

Kelly Pocock

Kelly Pocock had made ‘considerable efforts’ since the incident

A three-year-old boy lit a cigarette butt and smoked it in front of his mother, Merthyr Crown Court has heard.

The incident was filmed on a mobile and passed to social services by a friend of the boy’s mother Kelly Marie Pocock.

The friend earlier spotted him smoking a cigarette and said it looked like he had been “smoking for many years”.

The judge said it was an appalling case and Pocock, 24, from Merthyr Vale, was sentenced to 40 weeks suspended for two years after admitting child cruelty.

But Judge John Curran said he did not jail Pocock because of her “considerable efforts” since the incident.

Prosecutor Jonathan Rees told the court Pocock’s friend Natasha Dudley filmed the events after visiting her home just after Christmas 2007.

Mr Rees said Ms Dudley had gone looking for the boy after he had been missing for 30 minutes.

It is clear that the boy, at the age of three, knows what to do with a lighter and cigarette
Jonathan Rees, prosecuting

“She found him underneath the bed with some cigarettes,” said Mr Rees.

“He was actually smoking one at the time and Ms Dudley said it looked like he had been smoking for many years.”

i know horrible abusive child neglect goes on around the world, and this sounds totally superficial but this mom seems so …”normal”  no crazy hair…..blank expression…intense stare. she looks like my neighbor…how can she let her 3 {THREE} year old son smoke cigarettes?????

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