another opinion of the NHS

i’ve been flamed on two american expats forums for my opinions on how the NHS really works, it usually goes like this~~

super enthusiatic, newly wed, new expat: OMG!!! i just love the NHS!!! i get my birth control pills for FREEEEE!!!!!

cynical old me: THE NHS IS NOT FREEEEEEE!!!! your husband, his family including his granny who is walking with a cane til she gets her hip replacementt in 6 months or 12 months if she lives that long….has been paying national insurance for decades so you can get your BCP, IVF,etc…. free at the point of service.

the rest of the thread goes completely to the defense of se, nw, ne because they’ve NEVER had any problems with the NHS, ALWAYS works great for them…even though they have never really tested it with a serious or complicated illness or been a patient on a 20+ bed open ward and have to shuffle past 19 other patients to use the toilet….
i have actually been told by a moderator “not to say bad things about the NHS because it might scare someone from moving over”

anyhoo, i have started reading a blog written by a BRITISH MIDWIFE!

besides her posts about how the midwife service works, her son recently had bowel surgery for colitis and she tells how that went.

it’s quite interesting reading…..

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