maternity units “shut to mothers”

i’m almost speechless reading this, i am not a midwife and i have never had a baby in this country but i thank my lucky stars that i had the full attention of an obstetrician throughout all of my labor/deliveries

Maternity units ‘shut to mothers’

pregnant woman

The Tories say maternity units in England closed 533 times in 2008

More hospitals in England had to turn away women in labour last year because they were full, figures suggest.

Nearly half of 104 trusts responding to a survey by the Tories said they shut their maternity units at least once and diverted women to other hospitals.

The total number of closures for 2008 was 553, up from a total of 402 in 2007 when a similar survey was carried out.

The Department of Health said a record amount of money was being invested in maternity care.

Many of the trusts, while admitting shutting their doors at times, have said that the women were accommodated in other units nearby.

Andrew Lansley, shadow health secretary, said: “These figures are a telling reminder of Labour’s terrible record on maternity.

“Every one of these figures tells an awful story of mothers being turned away from hospital at a hugely emotional time.

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