organ transplant

i have worked with transplant patients for a long time…it’s a controversial subject. too many people with failing organs and not enough people to donate. this is an interesting article

How the Spanish donor system works

By Branwen Jeffreys
BBC News health correspondent, in Madrid

Jose Ramon Nunez

Jose Ramon Nunez is typical of Spain’s transplant co-ordinators

Charismatic, driven and dedicated – Professor Jose Ramon Nunez works tirelessly as the transplant co-ordinator at the San Carlos hospital in Madrid.

This surgeon is part of an extraordinary national network of doctors trained to identify potential organ donors and speak to bereaved families in the midst of grieving.

It is their skill and focus which has helped create an organ donor system in Spain which is a world leader.

As we talked at San Carlos hospital, a call came in from an ambulance crew identifying a potential donor.

Every effort was continuing to save the life of a woman with sudden heart failure, but it looked as though she wouldn’t pull through.

We need to be very clear with them about the importance of the decision they’re going to make – another life may depend on them saying yes or saying no
Prof Jose Ramon Nunez

Within minutes, Professor Nunez changed from his suit into blue surgical scrubs.

Ten minutes later another call, the heart had been restarted and the patient stabilised.

The alert was over. It was a brief insight into the pressure of a job where the reality of death and the urgency of saving lives come right up against each other.

Around the clock, Jose Ramon Nunez or one of his colleagues are on call. In many ways he’s typical of the transplant co-ordinators who work in every hospital in Spain.

this is also an interesting photo exhibit

it isn’t easy to wait for a transplant, i hope that putting a face to a disease may make someone think twice in the future about donating.

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