organs go to foreign nationals

i thought this article was interesting

The organs of 50 NHS donors have been given to foreign patients in the past two years.

Forty of the transplants were apparently for Greeks or Cypriots who are entitled to British medical care under EU law.

The remainder included patients from non-EU countries such as China, Libya and the United Arab Emirates, seven of whom were classed as deserving equal access to services.

There is a shortage of donor organs in the UK and some hospitals prioritise British patients. Currently, 325 people are waiting for a new liver.

i’m not surprised but a little confused about the ins and outs of EU medical treamtent rules as we have had a few greek cypriot patients (not transplants)….but then i read this on another blog where he implies that the government is reaping huge monetary rewards for the medical care of these transplant patients…not payment strictly for the organ but for the “medical care”

The Trusts typically charge £75k for the organ transplant, of which around £50k goes to the NHS Trust. The organs, donated in good faith by British donors, are in effect becoming part of a global trade in body parts to help fund Gordon Brown’s “big state”

i guess i could point out that we have had two bone marrow transplant patients who received their donor marrow the the US…so it’s not unheard of…

i wonder how it would go over if the patients remained in cyprus (or wherever) and the liver was flown there for transplantation…for £50k+VAT…..tricky ethical question…

any comments??

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