Making progress in the Avocado department

Last week I posted about my luck at opening a big ripe California avocado and finding a pit that had started to sprout. I put it in water and hoped that transition wouldn’t stop the growth.

Today I was encouraged seeing new growth.


Note the small new white roots on the bottom and the sprout coming out of the top!!

Looks like I will have a new avocado plant in 2017!!

the growing avacado

remember my avacado pit??

it’s so ready to go in some soil…and coincidentally i am waiting for delivery of 5 ~ 50liter bags of miracle grow soil….

very soon this ugly pit will be in some soil

avacodo-008 how scary is that??? the root is curling because of the little glass that it’s in and once i put it in dirt, the stem will sprout from the top…see how the pit splits open???

it will look better when it starts sprouting~~~