Return of the avocado

Way back I used to post about using avocado pits to grow plants. I think I mentioned the standard method is to place toothpicks in the pit and suspend it over water until a root appears.

Now I have had hit or miss success with this-some very promising pits just never produce a root. I’ve waited months…and taken lots of teasing during the long wait…with about equal duds as pits that sprouted. It’s always  a moment of redemption when after months of waiting the pit finally begins to grow. Read more here

This week though I was able to jump start the whole process hen I cut open beautifully ripe Florida avocado (left below)


and found a pit already sprouted!!

I placed the aforementioned toothpicks and put it in water just waiting for the root to grow a little more and the plant to sprout from the top.

Avocados do make lovely plants and I have in the past had one that grew to about 5 feet tall. They will never bear fruit but they have big green leaves so hopefully this pit will give some good results. I really need some good results~~

single person’s dilemma

Besides the concern about tripping, falling, hitting your head and having the hot fireman find your decomposing body 3 weeks later when the neighbors report a foul odor…

My main problem with living alone is food…I like to have a healthy diet-fresh fruit and vegetables but it’s tricky to get to them before they go bad/get moldy/brown/mushy.

Case in point-I bought a standard container of mushrooms, I like mushrooms but really ho many mushrooms can one person eat in a week? So this morning I checked out the last ones before I put them in my omelette. They were shriveled up but no suspicious looking mold….but then I thought they are a fungus…do mushrooms go bad? You can buy dried mushrooms so they should be okay? But what if there is some insidious bacteria growing that I can’t see…


I ate the mushrooms with an avocado that I cut some black spots off of and passed on the tomato that was looking pretty well passed it prime. Now I am waiting to see if I will start hallucinating and end up at my first concern as outlined in the beginning of the post.




there is always a reason

I have had friends and relationships that were….ummmm…..less than perfect. There’s always an element of need and willingness to give involved. I have been on both sides of that- meaning I have been the needy one and I have also been the one more than willing to do/give anything….

So tonight I made a tasty treat-avocado with stilton grilled to melt the cheese. The loveliness of this snack/appetizer is the salty flavor of the stilton cheese with the creamy goodness of the avocado.


Now where did I learn about this delicious combination, you might ask?

From a small, unpleasant man I had a relationship with….so like I said there is always a reason someone comes into your life…even if it’s only for a tasty recipe

the circle of life~avocado style

i have been having sporadic success with my avocado pits/plants…for anyone who hasn’t checked out my pages dedicated to growing avocado pits as houseplants look here and here

someday i need to go to california or italy to see real live avocado trees but til then i will have to enjoy them in sandwiches and salads and learn the true meaning of patience and tender loving care trying to grow them on this cold, wet jewel of the north atlantic.

there is some good news on the pit front, of the three i am currently watching one is breaking out of the stagnant back and seems to be expanding its fissure

that may not look like much but it’s definite progress.

more good news, this double stemmed plant despite a few very cold days in the green house and a few scorching days last week is getting lots of new growth

this next lil fella has taken a sideways turn, very problematic and always needs stakes or support to keep it from falling over and snapping…but despite the aforementioned difficult weather it’s doing okay

one bit of sad news though….and i take full credit for being a careless and lazy caretaker, letting several of my houseplants get fatally damaged by the weather… this wee bab will be seeing the compost heap as soon as i get around to it….

it  alternately had its tender leaves frozen and then toasted…

you can see the progress of the other two here 

the quintuplets

i am the first to admit that sometimes i get a little obsessed with weird things, small details…sometimes i think that a psychiatrist would have a jolly old time examining my thoughts…

i had two work friends over friday for lunch…one is british/asian and the other is south african…so i made some mexican food (what else?) fajitas, red and green salsa, blue corn nachos ( a real find in birmingham) and guacamole.

 growing up guacamole was always  fictional joke  stuff….cartoon stuff…what your brain turns into when an anvil is dropped on it or what it turns into when you grab hold of an electric utility cable~~~

now i know it is one of the tastiest, most wonderful dips ever made!!!180px-El_tango_guacamole

to make my guacamole friday i used four avocados…plus the one i cut opened but couldn’t use because it was black inside…

VOILA!! I present the quintuplets!!!   

the quints 9 august 2009
the quints 9 august 2009

the really sad part?? i’m going to give the quints their own page on my blog to track their progress…they wil be joining their older siblings  

generation A

generation A

avacodos really do make lovely plants, i may be looking for adoptive homes for the quints….julie???  


avocado update

well, it’s good news and bad news in the avocado sprouting competition…FYI read here about my avocado sprouts

the good news is that one is doing really nice

avocado sprout

avocado sprout

and well….one is not~~~

avocado not sprouting

avocado not sprouting

not sure what happened to the second one, on close examination it does look like there are tiny little stems coming out. i haven’t given up yet though….i’ll keep it around for a while longer and see if anything else happens

the avocado explosion!

the saga continues….the short story is that i had two avacodo pits sitting on my kitchen window sill for…oh, about 6 months…doing absolutely nothing!!! now the second one has sprouted also…here’s the old post for reference

here’s the progress…Photo0036that’s kind of a rude photo…


Photo0038the first one in dirt now

Photo0039the two friends side by side…

this actually reminds me of kids…well, babies…i know lots of moms who are o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d. with the progress their kids are making…or not making.  actually kids are like these little avacodo pits…they sat there for months doing nothing but obviously something was going on inside them because one day one started to sprout and now a month or so later the other one has.  they are growing at different rates but at the end of the summer you won’t be able to tell the difference between them.

just like people…i always say…we don’t walk around with a label that says

i walked at 9 months

i walked at 15 months

i was a home water birth

i was an emergency c  section

i could count to ten when i was 2

i didn’t talk til i was 2

and nobody can tell the difference now!!