not jamies?!?

I’ve been reading and hearing first hand comments about what’s going on with the riots in england and my old home town of birmingham…i do have a vested interest in keeping up on the local news as i still own a house there…

sounds like kids out of control….running rampant…smashing things up just because…they can get away with it…

but this is truly disgraceful~~

Jamie Oliver slams rioters as his Birmingham restuarant is vandalised

TV chef Jamie Oliver’s Birmingham restaurant was hit by rioters as violence spread to the city.

Jamie’s Italian, a 270-seat restaurant, was targeted in the world-famous Bullring shopping centre.

He tweeted: “So sad to see what’s happening in UK with these riots! All gone mad. time to get our country back. Now we need to come down hard on these idiots.”


accepting the differences

today i had my first taste of what chicago has to offer…i hope to be able to have a weekly adventure over the summer…a dinner with friends, a festival, an evening walk along the lake, after work shopping, concert or play.

today though i kicked it all off with a trip to the Shedd Aquarium thanks to an impromptu invitation from my sister in law, niece and nephew.

the weather was crap but being at the lake was really nice. i grew up thinking that lake michigan was the same as an ocean…it’s a huge body of water, you can’t see the other side and there is sand (albeit trucked in). then i learned about tides and tidepools… and smelled saltwater.

today i was happy to be back at the lakeshore, looking at the tall buildings with brodie and campbell

just like freshwater and sea water is different-chicago and birmingham are too. not better or worse just different

breaking the rules

actually breaking my own rule…the one about talking on my phone on public transportation. today during the middle leg of my circular tour of england..i was on a crowded train wedged in a window seat when my phone rang….and i did a rare thing indeed…i answered it.
it was phil jackson-not chicago’s phil jackson.  (i couldn’t figure out why that name seemed familiar.)

he was filling out some forms to get access for me to visit leeds and was confirming the information…and for some reason they wanted my birthdate…i tried to lower my voice slightly and said 4th of april 1958…thinking great!… now everyone within a 5 seat radius knows how old i am…

i finished the call as quickly as possible and didn’t break the rule about turning a business call into a personal office therapy call~~

i did take some pictures of middlesborough train station and hope to have those soon-i’m just hoping that body start too relax-i have been in pretty much constant motion since sunday when i got on the plane.  i was feeling a little nauseous from all the constant moving at high speed.

here’s a map of my journey-in yellow-heading north, then south and then northwest

just don’t call me bab..

even though i have about a million things to do-not least of which is to come up with 1400 more clever words for my 3000 word assement which is due 1 sept- i am working tonight and in full blown avoidance and procrastination mode!! so sleeping in the garden chair and browsing online are right up my alley…

rose wants to stick with birmingham and youtube is not one to dissappoint on silly obscure videos, i’m not really sure what order to put these in-some are long and interesting and some are short and hilarious- let’s start with a few short, funny jokes

just to set the scene, there’s a perception of brummies being “thick” but probably not any worse than people from cicero or berwyn… that comes later but that little tidbit might help to understand these jokes…

i forgot that people get touchy about the obvious difference between a birmingham and black country accent-you can prctice this song to get up to speed

here’s a really good documentary about birmingham followed by perceptions of birmingham, there are 2 parts to each one so feel free to carry on~~

and for regular updates there is always birmingham, it’s not shit and try the birmingham translator!!!

So that’s Burminum.

I’m off ter werk at the oss pickle.

words escape me…

i was just about to write about all the lovely treats i got for us today in town but this caught my eye….

Rampaging escaped bullock shot on streets of Birmingham

A bullock was shot dead after it escaped from an abattoir and rampaged along streets in Birmingham.

The animal was seen in Balsall Heath, leading to roads being closed while police tried to deal with the situation.

Firearms officers were called out as a vet decided it was too dangerous to tranquilise the animal as its behaviour was unpredictable.

The roads reopened shortly after the bull was killed on Wednesday morning.

A West Midlands Police spokeswoman said: “The vet’s assessment was it would be too dangerous to tranquilise due to the animal being unpredictable and it being a busy built-up area, so the decision was made to destroy the animal due to ensure public safety.”

here’s the link just in case i found it in the Sun, the daily mail or news of the world!

what do these two men have in common?

peter pronovost

Sir liam donaldson

they met me tuesday night….

they attended (and spoke at) the “launch” of my research project…thanks guys!

i’m being completely sarcastic but factually truthful. the project is taking shape…..slowly but surely…

i’m finding out how much stops, starts, hiccups, sneezes and coughs are involved in research….

but this is it….matching michigan

i’m not happy with that “search directory” thang…will be discussing that tomorrow…

overall i did enjoy having the guys around…they really inspired me.

mostly though i find professional strength from one man….

prof  is fast becoming my mentor, in the best sense of the word. in six short months, he has widened my horizons, sharpened my eye for detail and focused my clinical goals.

he is off for a holiday in the far east, a happy man, because we have a statistician!!! presumably, his chap from birmingham.

if that is the case, and i hope it is, the guts of this project will be firmly based in the west midlands, bab!