a little battered

not dipped in a floury batter-more like being knocked around in the back of a pick up truck on a bumpy road.
and the source of my battering? work and weather
worked a handful of extra hours and skipped too many lunches. Today I treated myself to ordering Thai and eating at my desk…
the weather??? After Monday’s record breaking cold
“Monday is coldest Jan. 6 ever recorded in Chicago”

Now on Friday it is pissing down rain!!!

I have owned my new car for 10 days now and have not had one sunny, dry day to really enjoy driving him!

I don’t want to be a weather whiner so good things? mmm, something good must have happened this week…

I worked out twice, two days in a row-on my own!

We are kicking off a hand hygiene campaign at work next week-our very ambitious raffle prizes were approved!

My house remains at highly clean level thanks to my son!

This is the intellectual level I intend to maintain for the next two days

being cleo

somebody is watching me

cleo and i are back together-thick as thieves…like nothing has happened over the last 11 months!

saturday night i woke up and found her sleeping on me…each night has slept curled up next to me and tonight when i came home i laid down for a few minutes and she laid down on my chest, completely relaxed. just like the old days…the really good news is that she is sniffing around outside and i hope to she will go out when the weather gets warmer.

here’s cleo…well, being cleo…

sitting in my suitcaseit's not fat...it's just her winter coat...



sleeping on my clean clothes while i type