Feeling like a New Yorker

I’ve been in New York about a month, at my new job just over two weeks. The MTA, in my humble opinion, does not blow. I can see how difficult it may be being pregnant and with a kid but I think on the whole it is quite reliable and even entertaining.

A few examples just from today-

  • A man sat next to me and proceeded to cough~forcefully and frequently~I wanted to say quietly…and have you seen a doctor for that cough?
  • A very strong, muscled black man parked himself legs wide apart right in front of me (sitting), ahem..this placed his crotch within 12 inches of my face and with no place else to divert my eyes on a crowded train.
  • Two moms with two strollers and a gaggle of munchkins like they were walking through a park…during rush hour…really?

So, I left work with my new set of co-workers-4 of us all heading to the same subway station before we got on separate trains~ A & C trains….Uptown and Downtown.

That’s when it hit me-I’m a New Yorker!!

180 degree turn

A few months ago I had my nose in books, working long, really long hours and not much else.

images (16)


In March something happened, I got screwed yet again. The knife lodged firmly in my back gave me the incentive to complete an application for a job in New York.

Everything else quickly unraveled…

Why finish my MSN if I can get a better job with my BSN?

Why work 9-11 hour days when I can work 7.5?

Spring is here!

Now I am calm and relaxed and….

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Decision Made

Yep, it’s a done deal. I’ve made my decision about whether to take a job in New York…

I’m trying something different with this big decision~ I’m not telling anyone what I’ve decided for a few days. I’m sitting alone with my choice to see if anything feels wrong, uncomfortable, un-doable etc.

It’s all reversible at least til the end of the week…

So far, so good~some of the things that caused me doubts have lost their anxiety producing qualities.

Who knows? Maybe I will be filled with regret in 6 months but for now it feels good.

blogging has changed

I think I started blogging in 2009? No, actually it was before that. It was all kind of informal and I enjoyed connecting with regular people who shared their thoughts and jokes and stuff like that. We liked and commented on each others post and it was fun, chummy…personal.
Now it seems so…..professional! I feel like my insignificant experiences are pretty pale in comparison to others. For example, one guy is now following me but when I went to his blog it’s all this motivational BS about how to make money online?? I watched his video

ummm, I’m not looking to market myself. I’m not looking to make money online-I have a job, a very successful job making sure the patients at my hospital don’t get infections, thank you very much Joe.
I suppose it’s great that Joe will get to move to his tropical paradise and still be able to make money online but I think I will just carry on sharing my thoughts and connecting with other people who aren’t looking for an easy path.
I don’t really need followers like Joe and if I have no followers at all? That’s fine with me.