Unemployment Day #1

Technically I am no longer employed, resignation letter given months ago and amended to reflect a mutual agreement to stay 3 extra weeks. Desk cleaned, 3.5 years of work reduced to 4-5 folders and 50 or so e-folders.


I say technically because my new Associate Director/Manager of 3 months “didn’t know how things work here” and failed to get me a checklist where I would go to various departments and sign off. Places like….IT, parking, finance, security. The result is that I still have access to the hospital intranet and my email and being the disgruntled employee that I am I could be doing interesting things.

I also should have set up an appointment for an exit interview with the nursing dept-but I set that up for Tuesday myself…

The new AD is really pissing people off in my department-she likes to pontificate and drone on and on like a 80 year old priest at a catholic mass. She talks about the big picture, the long term goals  but is missing the here and now which is up to the eyeballs and urgent. I have been able to brush it off because I knew I was leaving but I do feel for my comrades left on the battlefield of healthcare.

She pissed me off big time because she was supposed to go over some data reports we compile before I left-keeping in mind that she had a bonus extra three weeks. She talked about it and I made myself available but she is so laid back, she makes willie nelson look hyperactive and because she is busy texting her husband and kids all day she just never got around to it.

There is a rule at my employer and most others I presume that you can’t call in sick on your last day-you MUST show up which I did and swiped in promptly at 7am. However, it doesn’t say how long you have to stay and the general rule for salaried employees is 4.5 hours counts for a full day.

At 8.55am after I had already attended a meeting (on my last day!) she stopped by my desk and patted me on the shoulder (grrrrrr) and make some comment about saying my goodbyes (grrrrrrr) and that she had to go to a meeting  from 9-11am and how about we meet about, umm, say 1pm to sit down and go over the report. I said “uhm yeh, sure” but in my head I was thinking


*taking a big breath*

I left my pager, ID and office key on my desk and went to say goodbye to various people I like and have worked with over many years and had a coffee with a good friend until almost exactly 4.5 hours and then toddled off into the proverbial sunset feeling quite satisfied with the work I had produced during my employment and with zero regrets.

About 1.45pm my cell phone rings and because I actually turned on the volume because I was waiting for a repairman and I actually answered it ignoring that it was an unfamiliar number…I find myself talking to the AD. She asks if I am coming back to talk about the report or maybe to say goodbye. She seems stunned when I surprise even myself and say “NO! I am finished, I am not coming back!” I add that she was supposed to get me a checklist and because I hadn’t properly checked out I couldn’t even get out of the parking garage!!

She genuinely seemed to think that I would spend Friday afternoon, a perfect summer Friday afternoon, my last day Friday afternoon going over reports that she had weeks if not months to review?????

th (2)

My first day of unemployment means two weeks of rest and relaxation.

relax rana

Professional Dilemma

I am always…okay, almost always very professional at work. I have a social networking aversion…I am too literal or open or don’t know how to create a persona…but yes, I am on linkedin and while I enjoy some connections,

Today I was amused to get an invite from an ex project manager to add me to her “professional network”.

The two options are “accept” and “view profile”.

I want the option that says “delete this crazy, psycho bitch”

Maybe that’s why I am not on Facebook anymore?



Goodbye Maximus and Niko…

Apparently, we name our snowstorms this year…like hurricanes. Rumor is that Orion is on its way with between 4 and 20 inches of snow. Yes, someone actually told me that someone heard somewhere that we could get 20 more inches  of snow early next week!!!

I’m pretty much losing my marbles, snow is piled up everywhere, the roads are down from two lanes to one, sidewalks are treacherous. There’s only one solution-a complete delusional trip to fool’s paradise…via youtube!!


crazy neighbor distraction

when i moved into my house 6 years ago i was told by a gossipy neighbor, who turned out to be a thorn in my side that one of the others neighbors was schizophrenic. she told me some story about incest and mental illness but i quickly forgot about it as it turned out she herself clearly had an unnatural attachment to her own son…characterized by regular friday night shopping trips together and her feeling the necessity to speak for him despite him being middle aged and gainfully employed.

i never heard a peep from “the nutter” until my visit last week when i glanced out my upstairs window while packing and saw this…

man in purple track suit laying on sidewalk

my critically trained nurse brain kicked in and i thought…someone has fallen down and needs help….

no….crazy neighbor is laying on the sidewalk muttering to himself…

then help arrived in the form of….the community officer on his bike….

not the CPD

it stayed quiet until about midnight when CN (crazy neighbor) decided to stand in his front garden first clothed and then from a reliable source was naked….mumbling, calling out and ranting.

now in west heath crazy in the daytime is okay but crazy at night that disturbs sleep is not okay~~so while i nodded off to dreamland the commotion i heard was the sound of police bundling him up and taking him to the mental health facility….and upping his medication i presume~~

i’m going to kill somebody

and you can bet it has four legs and a tail….with all this snow the cats are craaaazzzeeeeee. they WILL NOT GO OUT! we have to physically hunt them down, carry them to the door where they start panicking and digging their claws in…i detach them and fling them outside….quickly closing the door behind them…

they disappear for about 30 seconds and then stand at the door either staring pitifully or silently meowing…we have even closed the curtains to  stop alternately feeling sorry for them and/or laughing at their goofy antics.

cleo is funny, when she has to walk in the snow she takes a step and shakes the snow off her paw…takes another step…shake, step, shake….

they have almost slipped into a combination coma/hibernation…sleeping about 23 hours a day…preferably near a radiator. i don’t begrudge them their sleep, in fact i’m jealous, i’d like to be joining them but….and the big BUT is they NEED to go outside to poop!!!

never thinking the snow and cold would continue for almost two weeks…i didn’t mind finding the occasional dry cat poop in the corner…but today things have gotten dramatic. cleo was digging around in the dirt of one of my big plant pots…and the last straw???

after working my brain all day, i went up for a pee without looking down or turning the lights on and stepped on a pile of mushy poop on my bathroom carpet!!!

that’s it! carpets in the wash, cats outside….i think we will try the starvation tactic….no food=no poop!!!

and no, we don’t have a litter tray…