Oh Creativity, where have you gone?

First, I need to update my previous post-I wanted to see Trainspotting 2 but due to circumstances and $5 Tuesdays I saw the new people version of Beauty and the Beast. As an  8o’s mom I have seen the Disney animated version of this story at least 1,000,000 times but this is a slightly darker story and I really enjoyed it. Being the total romance skeptic that I am it was a little too sugary at the end but hey there must be someone out there that lives happily ever after?

I used to be a pretty creative person-creative and crafty and full of ideas. Lately I am just dry-black and white-parched. Not sure if it’s due to my situation, unstable living arrangements, break ups or just general malaise. I currently have a crochet project sitting untouched and a whole stained glass work shop set up but gathering dust.

I recently had a gush of awake-day dream-imaginative ideas about my garden. It felt good and something I used to feel quite often so just like a lusty libido-which also has left me-i know it’s still there buried under the weight of “life”.

I am pushing myself, browsing Pinterest for ideas and building on some success in the time management department. I learned that if you repeat something 16 times it becomes a habit. I’ve proved that to myself with my boot camp attendance, it took many attempts but I’m finally there. Maybe I can transfer this approach to my stained glass? If I make a commitment to go to the basement everyday after work and just “be there” after 16 times it will be a habit and something creative will come out of it? Kind of twist on fake it til you make it?

My daughter gave me a piece of glass that I made long ago and said it doesn’t have any hanging hardware so maybe that will be step one. Yes, that’s it. Step one— add hardware to hang a piece that is already complete. How hard can that be?

london calling

i’m feeling much better today, better in most ways.

my tummy has settled and i woke up really energized, committed to doing lots of things. accomplished most….i wrote an email to my boss who is off for a few days in barcelona, explaining my concerns about my role as a research nurse.

i met my american friend julie, who is going through a really rough patch, for lunch. sometimes a big american hug is what we need.

made it home just in time for our weekly catch up teleconference.

my boss was not there…i really cringe at the way they (the london group) behave when he is not there. only the lead research nurse from newcastle defends his position. in my morning email asked him if i should be more assertive or just concentrate on the integrity of the data… his response…

The problem with the NPSA is that there are many ‘leads’ in contrast to conventional research where the CI has the final word.


Carry on with your plan below which is fine.


No need to be more assertive yet!



i have been offered a task producing a monthly report…… i’m going to the london office next wednesday…..i’ll see what they really do down there…..

i’m working a nightshift saturday night….almost looking forward to it.

i miss my garden, my stained glass….where has my creativity gone???

 these people in london don’t have a clue about being a critical care nurse.