Healthcare 1.0

Strolling through Twitter today after seeing stuff like this_74314465_tim18Blc9ZFgCIAEahhB

I invariably run across the equivalent of saying “you’re fat”~ to paraphrase the usual rhetoric

~healthcare in the USA is more expensive, with shittier outcomes than every other country on the planet and millions of Americans go bankrupt without insurance~

What’s the point?? Every healthcare system is close to the breaking point, held together by the dedication of its staff.

Here’s my 6 ideas for supporting healthcare in any country!

  1. Support fundraising events at your local hospital. Call and see what’s going on. At my hospital we have supported charity events like St Baldrick’s, but we also have volleyball  & baseball games between departments to raise money
  2. Organize, join, participate in and support healthy habits- a 5k run, smoking cessation, a walking club
  3. Take your business (doctor’s appointments) to your local hospital instead of to the fancy, shmancy hospital across town. Sure, be vigilant, ask questions but if you have insurance they will be glad you are there.
  4. Find out what their infection rates are. In the US, that would be on Hospital Compare. Be educated about current best practice-visit the CDC website for lots of healthcare resources.
  5. Support Nurses!!! Say please and thank you, ask questions and listen to what they tell youalways-thank-your-nurse
  6. Stop complaining about your wait, the waiting room chairs, the foreign staff~unless you are seeing a witch doctordownload (1)

Let’s stop pointing healthcare fingers-images (4)

who’s best, cheapest, slowest…take responsibility for your health and respect those that dedicate their lives to helping you stay healthy.




how long does it take?

way back in January i paid a fortune to have my personal belongings, since defined as 66 items, picked up.

January 9th to be exact. at that time i was told the time frame for delivery was “8-12 weeks” i think we would all agree that 12 weeks have now passed and??

no shipment! i have website that says the “vessel” will arrive on april 15th. arrive where i’m not sure…and then there’s the customs clearance …and transport across a third of the US before i see a truck on the street in front of my building…

my friend says may 15th…care to place bets?

in the meatime i am trying to make this space cozy…

technology frustration

if you are reading this-you are online. i can only think of a handful of people i know who are not online…mmm, let me think….my 75 year old mom? yes….my technophobe, not on facebook but loves her new Ipad cousin? yes… 5 year old nephew and probably my 2 year old niece? yep! the only person i can think of that is NOT online is my 89 year old aunt…

and yet…i think technology and email specifically has become ineffective as a means of communication. in my job, i am desperately trying to round up my second and final round of site visits-i feel like i am held hostage-i email- i get a response- i email again- i get a response the next day or a few days later..then maybe nothing for days…i have to “chase them up”… is there a term for “electronic begging”?

i have to say my personal email is not much better-i have emailed both my sons with neutral or good news-nothing demanding or difficult….do you think either of them could get back to me…not even an electronic grunt~~

ummm, that’s it…..your thoughts????

hanging out at the library

yep, that’s my new job…i have a pass that gets me into the library at work after hours. i went last night at 7-9pm!! after a very frustrating tuesday>>>>thursday morning i have finally made some progress…it’s all been hit or miss and try, try again but now i’ve learned some tricks!

like when an abstract says it’s available “at the queen elizabeth hospital”  it means go to the hospital library, go to the long shelves with all the journals. look for the right year/month and open the pages!!! if i need a copy i have to put it on the copy machine myself…i thought everything was available electronically!!!

i’m also learning the advantages of a memory stick!! that’s why i am up at 6.30  (even though i was up past midnight last night) because i finally realized i could save some of the articles i found to the memory stick and print them out at the library!!

it’s all been a bunch of technical crap! like my printer at home doesn’t work, my old computer with microsoft office also doesn’t want to play and the computers at the library won’t let me check my email (but have spectacular printers!!) and the computers in my “office” are darn near ancient~~~

can’t wait to get my new laptop!!! did i mention they (the NPSA) are getting me a new top of the line laptop and the IT guys at work are going to put all the software i need on it???

i have to say it has been a long week but i feel like i am making progress…i’m going to try to do some gardening (weather permitting) and work on the rough spots in the living room so that can be finished~over the weekend. i’m happy to say TGIF!!!!

hearing myself talking

this morning i was walking out from work with a nurse, of jamaican decent. i just assumed she was a british citizen by birth or naturalizition. i was taken aback when she said she is still on a work permit!!!  i don’t like to pry but when she said even though she has been here 10 years she is still on a work permit i had to ask why….

she came to do her nurse training here, that doesn’t count towards residency, the clock starts over from the beginning when you start working. she also fell under the 4 to 5 year changes like me so she is hoping she will get permanent residency this year.

talking to her sounded like i was listening to myself last year….she said she feels trapped…she’s been so depressed about it she’s gone for counseling and she’s recently paid £300-400 for a new work permit so she could change jobs!!! something i never even knew you could do…

she said that nobody understands how difficult it is~~~~

i gave her a big hug and told her i know just how she feels….

the missing certificates

this is probably so confusing that i can’t explain it…because i still don’t know who to blame. it’s just another glaring example of what happens when you don’t know “the system”.

james finished his required education 2 years ago, GCSE’s, at the very nice, posh and prestigious abbey college.

they sent us a letter in octoberish 2007 that his “results” needed to be picked up, which james promptly picked up in june 2008….

they gave him a white envelope and he signed his name saying he’d picked up his “official” results.

fast forward to 2009, his american credit evaluation agent says his results are “provisional” and “not official”

they (abbey college) do amazingly have his english results…but math, biology, chemistry,physics and business??? gone missing~~~

at the end of the day…i will have to pay at least £17 each for replacements

who’s to blame??? dunno….just another one of those things i didn’t know~~~

today is a holiday…kind of…

james has been preparing for his exams….for weeks, which started today. over the weekend i realized today is a “bank holiday”, i told him no way will he have an exam on a bank holiday…must be a mistake! no, at the bottom of the exam schedule it clearly says “bank holiday exams will take place in such and such room”

okaaaaay, so is that a problem???? it is indeed for those of us that rely on public transportation! after checking online and calling for information, we decide on a plan for him to take the bus to the city centre and then a train out to his school. keeping in mind that it is absolutely essential that he gets there by 9am…preferably 8:45.

he gets up at 6:50, i make him a cup of coffee and a bagel and off he goes to catch the bus…the one that doesn’t come because….it’s on a sunday schedule! a few phone calls later i am told by a very nice lady, with a chuckle…oh, no the buses are on a sunday schedule but the trains are on a “near normal” schedule…an important piece of information that is nowhere to be found on any of the train/bus/travel websites!

so, what is a “near normal” schedule?? i think i get it. train drivers are very powerful (not like nurses) they strike, have slowdowns, walkouts and pretty much work when they want. i have heard trains being cancelled because they don’t have enough crew. so they don’t work the fun holidays like christmas, new years and easter…but a piddly little early may bank holiday you can bet they will be working and making mega ££. so, basically it’s a normal schedule, unless they don’t have enough crew then they just cancel/skip that train. very inconvenient for people who HAVE to be someplace at a SPECIFIC TIME!!!!

the result? a walk to the train into town, jog to the other train station 2nd train out and a walk across solihull to his school later…james got there at 8:55, sat down, was told to read the passage and start the test…lucky english is his easy subject!

after that frantic start, i crawled back  to bed and slept…sleep soundly in the cool overcast weather…lots of dreams and feeling very good tonight as i head off for my nightshift.

tomorrow it’s off to check out those fancy phones in town…