kamikaze gardening

in past years, i never bothered with cutting everything down. it’s stays so green that i never put much effort into getting ready for winter.

last year though i cut down my roses with much better results this year so i decided to get brutal and cut back everything…to the ground!

then get out the bonemeal and fertalize big time…

i’ve been out in the garden all day, the weather has been absolutely stunning cool but bright sun. i have heaved and hoed all day and am feeling it. i’m afraid i won’t be able to move tomorrow….

the harvest

this won’t be nearly as exciting as the previous video but we have harvested the cucumber…

yes, that is the cucumber-singular- as in we have only one. that may be all we get this summer because it’s gone cold and rainy…

here’s the slaughter slicing of the cucumber-

and yes, it was very tasty!!! now we are on the lookout for a red tomatoe….

winning the war?

for those who think the slug/snail poison is an easy answer…check this out

baby snails frolicking on the slab

baby snails frolicking on the slab

see all the little baby snails?? just enjoying a summer day???

cute baby snail

cute baby snail

unfortunately they grow up into big snails who eat my plants…

i have to say thay i like snails more than slugs..they have the decency to hide their big, fat, slimy bodies in a lovely shell!

the slugs have a curiously human behavior…they seem to retrieve the body of their dead comrades…

the slug 999/911 call

the slug 999/911 call

that was before the blue poison pellet attack…by me! this is the aftermath….

too many bodies to retrieve

too many bodies to retrieve


the horror of war

the horror of war

i  feel kind of philosphical about it all….i feel like i am playing god….do these molluscums have families?? do their neighbors miss them???

it’s so creepy that they actually come and move the body away….i wonder if my plants are really so important…

uummmm, definitely!!!!

blue monday

i’m feeling a little down/bored/lost today. all the excitement of recent weeks has died down. i did set my start date for my new job….it’s 20th july!!! i contacted the university about the MSc degree, they are going to send me information about 3 different options.

the weather here is kind of iffy…it’s warm enough i guess…but after a sunny start it’s cloudy and that makes me sleepy. did you hear about the boys that stood under a tree sunday during a thunder (and lightening) storm???

yesterday i cut and trimmed the front garden, that’s where i discovered the snail damage….i’m disappointed that the  copper did not work


see the bud laying there???


 it bugs me that the stupid snails didn’t even eat the bud, they just eat through the stalk!!!! arrrrrgh!!! and while i was standing there taking this photo i thought why do i smell shit??? welllll, because i managed to step right on a pile of cat shit!! this calls for drastic measures…slug/snail poison pellet time!

i cleaned the house yesterday, since mr a moved in i have enjoyed…well, made an effort to keep things clean for us. it just feels better and i can blame my mom for making me feel that my happiness is dependent on whether i have dirty dishes in the sink! i have been puttering around james room, i hope to get it cleaned up and organized. it looks like i may need a designated work space for my new job, i have to confirm but i think alot of my work can/will be done at home online…

mr a worked extra all weekend so while i enjoy being on my own…this is a bit too much. i keep looking at all my glass sitting there collecting dust…i may try to get inspired.

it’s still early…