Making progress in the Avocado department

Last week I posted about my luck at opening a big ripe California avocado and finding a pit that had started to sprout. I put it in water and hoped that transition wouldn’t stop the growth.

Today I was encouraged seeing new growth.


Note the small new white roots on the bottom and the sprout coming out of the top!!

Looks like I will have a new avocado plant in 2017!!

good things

in an effort to move forward, here’s my list of good things for today:

  1. it’s sunny
  2. it’s been sunny since early this morning
  3. it was sunny all day yesterday
  4. it’s been sunny from morning to night for a few days now
  5. my garden is springing back to life, bigger and better (see below)
  6. i have enough solid oak flooring in my hallway to finish the living room, just need someone to do it!
  7. i will be traveling to london again on a regular basis, where i can wander to some mega housewares stores on my lunch
  8. i have a few conferences to go to in the next few months, including barcelona in october

i’m sure there is more but i don’t want to get too excited!!

jack enjoying the sunshine....and the garden chair!

my new wood floor

6 purple tulips

sunny afternoon with newly mowed grass

yes, mom... we do have dandelions in england!!

good things come in threes??

of course the first good thing is the election…seems like old news now but it’s finally real

i’ve enjoyed watching his speech in grant park, i know eventually we’ll all get sick of it but i think i just find it fascinating to listen to our president (elect) speak so eloquently and without all the stuttering, stammering mispronunciations and weirdly placed pauses.

i worked yesterday and while most people were really gracious and interested…i’m not sure what the correct response to “congratulations” is ???….  i did overhear some across-the-pond-know-it-alls giving their ignorant take on things. it’s sad that they really don’t even know the basics about the US political system…what the parties stand for, the power of the states, what senators and representatives are but they have loads of opinions about how we should do things.

i know obama is not going to change things right away but as i tried to explain to people he is a definite shift back to center and hopefully more!

the second good thing is that i had my big monthly grocery shop delivered from sainsbury’s last night, they accidentally gave me two bags that must have belonged to someone else…it’s weird to see what other people order. one bags was full of cakes, big bars of chocolate, a little choc cake, kit kats, biscuits and two giant packs of extra chewing gum!!! that will last james and i a few years!!!

the other bag had all kinds of soups, rice, oxo cubes….and thanks for the olive oil!!!

james was tsk, tsk tsking if i had stolen the stuff…but i pointed out that they put the stuff inside my front door! it wasn’t MY fault…i did leave them in their bags in case the guy came back….i probably would have given them back.

this morning i noticed james must have recovered from his indignation because he ate half a box of deluxe chocolate biscuits and piece of the little belgian chocolate cake!!!

so that’s two good things….just waiting for a third…mmmm, if i had my choice it would be an email from the home office!!!

there’s a few other things going on…i am hate, hate, hate, bored with my job…hate the NHS, have been shortlisted for a job here (so far no presentation) and also have been contacted about a job in chicago i applied for, they still want to interview me…mixed bag really…

i got some photos from my sister in law…well, i get lots of pics from her but i particularly like this one11-02-08v5-1

to think i used to change his diaper and there he is with a receding hairline!!


another pic of my brother’s lovely family


love you guys!!!