Garden fix

Let’s face it-for those of us that love gardening and cultivating indoor plants~~February can be a real challenge. After the holidays, as the days start getting longer one minute at a time one naturally starts mentally planning for spring.

Last weekend here in Chicago it was a real double feature-3 day weekend AND record breaking warm temperature! My daffodils and tulips are about 3 inches above ground right now.

Then temps dropped into the 30’s and I woke up to snow flurries yesterday. I usually visit a local conservatory each weekend with my grandson but I pulled out the big guns today and visited the Orchid show at the Botanic Garden.

I think this should get me through the next week or two

tracya-1 the world-2

maybe the secret to happiness is to not care…i used to be intense and passionate which led to being impulsive and angry (really angry). now? i border between quiet seething and apathy.

today for instance, i had a very annoying and expensive train mix up….did i argue with the conductor???  nope, i just handed over my debit card.

when i got off the train and went to customer service to demand request a refund did i yell at the person showing fake sympathy?? nosiree bob…

and when i finally got to the ticket agent and explained the whole story again and he handed me a totally useless refund request fold over envelope, did i shout obscenities at the chap behind the desk??? no, no, no…

do you know why? because i just don’t have the energy anymore!!!

when i think about my £70 (about $100) i just do a slow burn…how could i be soooooo stupid to print off the wrong ticket???

goal-the world!!

when i got home i had three~with escalating distress~messages from the nurse doing the next schedule for work. another small mistake on my part….i have booked my ticket home without requesting my annual leave which sounds really bad but i only work one short shift a week so it is actually less than 10 hours.

i had to write a very apologetic, bordering on begging forgivness email to both the head nurse and my manager informing them of the error of my ways.  do i care?? not really~~if i was honest it would go something like this:

i’m going home for 3.5 weeks to visit celebrate and bask in the warmth of  my friends and family~i won’t be working, don’t call me~if that’s a problem, deal with it!!!!

goal-the world!!

my day in between those two goals?? we had yet another meeting at wallacespace *boring* i spoke up and people actually listened to me!! my boss and i have been working on a very complicated algorithm/flowsheet which got sent for the usual communications makeover. it came back technically corrrect but bland and boring. my boss called me early this morning and said he didn’t like it, he wanted to use the colour coded one that we did, could i just tidy it up and straighten the arrows etc.~~~ at the meeting, it was discussed by the whole team and mine won!!!


stop the clock!!

mr a and i were talking last night and my favorite lottery win dream came up….basically it is to have a house here in england and one in chicago. maybe one somewhere warm and sunny too…

barring winning the lottery though, i’d say everything is pretty darn near perfect in my life, right now, at this moment…

~~it’s payday~~and a big fat one at that!

~~~mr a and i are enjoying domestic life

~~the cats are happy…well, jack is happy, cleo would be happy to live here alone if she could just figure out how to open her packets of food! 

~~while my family is still far away, recent pics show that they are healthy and enjoying their lives

~~ i am still in the honeymoon, looking forward to my new job phase…the drudgery comes in a few months

~~~~~it’s magnificently warm and sunny here!

sounds to good to be true~~especially for me! when life gets like this i have a hard time just enjoying it. i have a tendency to anticipate gloom and doom~i listen intently for signs of tremors~almost inviting disaster. ….because happiness is boring, i think happiness is the absence of worry. i am a worrier….i honestly don’t know how to be “happy”.

i am trying to learn though. today is lesson number one. i have virtually nothing to worry about today. i am going into town to meet my american friend maria and her daughter catherine. there is an international food fest going on this week and we will have a wander round before i treat us all to a farewell lunch. maria and my little friend cate are moving back to the states tomorrow.

that’s tomorrow though….today is “happy” day!!!