england-formally known as home

i am heading off on a working holiday to the land formally known as home. immigration will be slightly more problematic as i have to explain that i have indefinite leave but don’t live there anymore-just visiting….

i am trying to prepare myself for seeing my house-MY HOUSE-possibly in a questionable, uncared for state.

i am expecting to spend sunday, my first day back in tears…

i am bringing a camera~one that have the pictures downloaded~and i’ll have a laptop so be as prepared as me….

not what i expected to write

first off, i really apologize to anyone who may stumble on my blog for the first time…i used to post controversial, thought provoking things on my blog but sometimes i got undesirables thinking this is an open forum…

and then i got happy! well, as close to happy as i’ve ever been which still would be only low middle range on most peoples scale. 

 i did sort out my immigration status and stopped having days like this and this.

my kids are all grown and in the states…and i have two new roomates, which brings us to today’s rather boring post~~

it’s been feline grand central station around here! every morning a steady stream of kitty mates…the skinny black one, the big fat tabby and jack’s new pal, big ginj~~~ 

here’s a game for you, it’s called “find all three cats”~

HINT: cleo is in the greenhouse

i thought cleo looks like she is in her teenage room doing what teenage girls do and her brother has brought over his dorky friend…all jack and big ginj need is a cat version of playstation!!

the other update for the regulars is the chinese lanterns are getting colourful!

mr a is getting pretty smug about having the best chinese lanterns in the neighborhood…well, at least between here and the shops!

i didn’t intend to have this be a walk down memory lane and i have to say reading some of my old posts is a real eye opener for me.

maybe all my commuter headches and public speaking anxiety is really nothing to complain about~~

please enter your password

i’m really struggling with my immigrant status at the moment, not legally…that’s all safe and secure. it’s the day in-day out side of immigration that is kicking my big fat north american ass!

i read an article called ” i was torn between two places” wriiten by a lady named tena stivicic~~it had one part that i could really relate to~~

“life here often feels as though everything you want is within reach, but you haven’t been told the password”

i don’t think it would be helpful or interesting to recount all the sticky, slimy details…..for the 15th time…i’m getting sick of it all myself. all i can say is that if you are having any daydreams about living an exotic life in a foreign country?? think again and again….and one more time…and maybe one more time…with alcohol…without alcohol….in the morning…in the rain….after work….on the bus….and one more time because it is not as easy as you think…and they don’t give you the password!

study in england~be a clown

you may have noticed that i have an interest in obscure little news articles…..here’s another one

The Government’s chief immigration adviser has called for a review of “lower tier” colleges because of fears that too many foreign students are being given visas at the end of their degree courses.

Professor David Metcalf, chairman of the Migration Advisory Committee, said he was “stunned” to discover hundreds of colleges which were not “proper” universities could award degrees.

He warned it was possible foreign students granted two-year visas by the Government after completing degree courses found themselves unable to get highly-skilled jobs and were taking lower-paid jobs away from Britons.

A total of 42,000 students were granted two-year visas in the last 12 months under the Post Study Work Route (PSWR). It is part of Tier 1 of the points-based system, which is aimed at “highly skilled” migrants.

Foreign students at 154 major universities can be granted visas after completing their degree courses. But a further 599 other bodies, mostly colleges, can also hand out degrees, and the visas that come with them.

Among the larger group are colleges for homeopathic education, Chinese medicine and circus skills.

A statement from educational training programme Circus Space said; ” At present we have no so called ‘international’ students but would of course welcome applicants from across the world and would be proud that they had chosen to train at Circus Space and in the UK.”

Professor Metcalf said: “There are about 150 that are universities and there are another 600-odd that are not ‘proper’ universities. They are basically further education colleges which get their degrees validated by one of the universities.”

this is of interest to me for lots of reasons…..UK, visas, students…checking…

this makes me laugh for one reason…the circus space

The Circus Space is devoted to enhancing, protecting and advancing the circus artform and has been enabling the creation of excellent and innovative circus for nearly two decades.The Circus Space is based in a magnificent Victorian power station in Hoxton. that had lain derelict for over 30 years. The ongoing redevelopment of the building began in 1994 and completed with phase three, including a unique circus creation studio, in 2007. We now provide the only world class facilities for circus training and production in the UK and sit comfortably alongside our international peers. It is here, in the heart of the East End of London, that we have trailblazed a 21st-century circus revival.

Every year we involve thousands of people in the physical challenges and artistic pleasures of Circus Arts. Our diverse range of work includes the UK’s only BA [Hons] degree level education in Circus Arts, a structured progressive training programme for under 18’s and professional development opportunities for aspiring and established performers. Adults and young people can take part in a range of recreational classes and we provide highly regarded workshops, away days and teambuilding events for the corporate community.

Circus Arts are inclusive, dynamic, challenging and fun, truly offering something for everyone.

Welcome to the Circus Space

so, apparently you can come to england on a student visa and get a “university” degree in “Circus Arts”~~~~

Course Overview

The Foundation Degree in Circus Arts is a 2 year vocational degree course which aims to equip students to find employment with existing performing arts companies or to establish new companies of their own. Students undertake an intensive training regime of 38 weeks per year.

Upon finishing the programme, students may then audition for a place on a final one year programme which will then lead to a BA (Hons) qualification.

Both Degree prorammes are validated by the University of Kent.

This unique degree will appeal to those with some experience in circus, gymnastics, performance or dance who would relish the opportunity to experiment, cross-fertilise and create new work with other talented performers.

The Circus Space and its Degree programme is an affiliate member of The Conservatoire for Dance and Drama and the European Federation of Professional Circus Schools (FEDEC).

Watch “A Step up” a short film about life at the Conservatoire for Dance and Drama

nurses???…nurses who already have  BSN degrees???…nah, don’t need any of those in the UK….

what a difference a year makes….

just wanted to mention that one year ago….i was waiting very painfully for my ILR…

it is difficult to believe that i could not have taken this job, the job that i love, in my previous immigration status….although i have to believe that my boss would have gone to the wire with the home office for me…

i am now technically eligible for citizenship!! what an accomplishment!!!!

i prefer to spend the money (£800+) on my house but knowing that i could have one of those maroon passports is a weird and wonderful feeling!!!

god save the queen!

are they joking?

i admit i haven’t had much to say on immigrations issues lately…now that i am on the safe side of indefinite leave to remain. the question of citizenship for me and james is coming up though…we will both be eligible in october….12 months from the date in our passports. one of the most frustrating things about how they jerked me around and extended the residency period from 4 to 5 years is that james is now 18. he can no longer apply as my dependent and has to apply on his own…he has to take the “life in the UK” test and meet the residency requirements on his own…which is tricky now that he is back in the states. so when i saw this little news story i thought it might be relevant~~~

Immigrant plan rewards return home

Immigrants could speed their progress towards British citizenship – by returning to their home country.

Immigrant plan rewards return home

As part of the proposed points-based system for migrants who want a passport, ministers are considering tougher language and history tests to help integration.

Migrants could be given extra points for their skills, jobs and qualifications, while bad behaviour would cost them points.

But the Government is also looking at giving points to workers who take skills back to their country of origin. If they carry out development work at home it could help their chances of becoming British when they return to the UK.

The Home Office’s own impact assessment warns such a move could actually slow down their adoption of British values and culture. It states: “Encouraging future citizens to spend long periods out of the UK doesn’t aid the process of integration into British life.”

Another measure under consideration would allow migrants to go home and not lose out on time they had been granted to live in the UK.

Their “leave to remain” would be put on hold while they are abroad, and could be restarted at a later date without them having to go through entry checks.

The impact assessment states: “Migrants legally resident in the UK could return home for extended periods and apply a ‘pause’ button on their leave in the UK, meaning they could return to the UK without having to reapply for entry clearance.”

The proposals are intended to encourage “cyclical migration” from the UK to other countries, to help tackle the brain drain of talented workers.

Currently, anyone applying for citizenship cannot spend more than 450 days out of the last five years outside the country, or more than 90 days out of the last year.

i’m not really sure where he stands as i think being out of the country for university education is exempt but i do wonder what kind of “development work” he could do in the US to gain points and help his chance of becoming british~~~~

hearing myself talking

this morning i was walking out from work with a nurse, of jamaican decent. i just assumed she was a british citizen by birth or naturalizition. i was taken aback when she said she is still on a work permit!!!  i don’t like to pry but when she said even though she has been here 10 years she is still on a work permit i had to ask why….

she came to do her nurse training here, that doesn’t count towards residency, the clock starts over from the beginning when you start working. she also fell under the 4 to 5 year changes like me so she is hoping she will get permanent residency this year.

talking to her sounded like i was listening to myself last year….she said she feels trapped…she’s been so depressed about it she’s gone for counseling and she’s recently paid £300-400 for a new work permit so she could change jobs!!! something i never even knew you could do…

she said that nobody understands how difficult it is~~~~

i gave her a big hug and told her i know just how she feels….