Weighing my options

I had my interview at a very prestigious New York City hospital. The director was quick to say they are a “non-profit” hospital but I assume they have some verrrrrry generous donors….it was clean and modern and the staff were very pleasant in other words the opposite of where I currently work. I’m not dissing where I work, it’s a public  hospital and provides much needed services to a huge number of vulnerable patients with very limited resources. What is annoying me is the staff attitude~the nurses are among the highest paid union nurses in Chicago!!

There’s 4 types of staff response to any question at my current employer

  1. Not my job, department, patient. I wasn’t here/there. I don’t remember/nobody told me.
  2. I/we would NEVER do that. That could not have happened because everyone knows what to do. In 5, 10…20…30 years I have never seen/heard that before.
  3. I would love to…I always….I want to….but some policy/other department prevents me from doing it.
  4. No time, too busy, no time, too busy, no time, too….

It is rare, not impossible but very rare to have someone respond positively or even politely to even the tiniest request.

I have no illusions that this new hospital or any other hospital doesn’t have similar issues, I don’t expect clinical staff to be skipping around throwing rose petals down the corridor but c’mon…just do your job!

So, after that little vent, I was obviously impressed by this new potential employer. I met with the director and the team and then went on a little tour of a few of the ICUs. Very cool!

Guess which way I am leaning?

it’s official-ish

I was told by my medical director that the “search” committee for the associate director has decided to go with another candidate (not me) with more management experience. I told her quite honestly that I had lost interest in the position….

I didn’t tell her that I hope the “candidate” brings her big girl panties because this is one tough environment~union, civil service, state government.

I am truly, honestly relieved.

I may quit school just to celebrate

I put in my requests for vacation~a week in April and 2.5 weeks at the end of June.


my move

Partly in response to the ridiculously slow pace of hiring at my job but also for personal reasons, I have applied for a job in New York. Yes, in. new. york. city.

I really enjoyed visiting a few weeks ago and of course my son lives there…why not?

I can’t say I would look forward to another move, not sure how all the details would come together. My Pilsen lover is originally from New Jersey, his elderly are there and not sure if i would rent my house out here…

but sometimes the best response to stress is to have another option.

So I have a Skype interview Tuesday morning.


The Interview: round 1

Last Wednesday I got an email asking me if I could interview for the Associate Director position on Thursday at 11am. Yes, less than 24 hours later.

I figured there  was no way to prepare and actually appreciated not having time to worry, I was more worried about my plane not disappearing on the flight back from New York.

It was as I expected, a little awkward but also very light because not only do I work with all the interviewers, they have seen me in action in a positive way. My medical director led the questions along 2 other managers and another doctor arriving late. The “other doctor” is typical in that he needs to be the center of attention~ which is in direct conflict with an interview where the attention should be on the interviewee (me). I would be lying if I denied enjoying having the attention off of me.

I must admit this interview far exceeded acceptable laughs and jokes during an interview but I’m not sure how it will play in the “big ” picture. I wonder if another outside candidate will come in and be super organized and serious and make me look amateur.

The reality…. honest to gosh truth is I just want this (and the other open positions in my department) filled!! I am getting so far behind that I don’t even know where to start, getting sick of being stuck at my desk that I am getting fat and lazy….

The zinger is they still have to interview the two external candidates AND conduct a second round of interviews which means it will be at least a month before they have a confirmed candidate and likely another month before that person (whoever that is) is parked behind the big desk!

sorry for the service interruption

I read a little internet blurb that the first thing 80% of employers do is google applicants….as someone in the midst of a promotion/job search within my current organization I have to say some of my posts on this blog were not exactly glorifying the image of my employer. Okay, I panicked and went underground temporarily.

Today made me not give a fuck

I attended 2 meetings, one medium level and one high level~ where a full year of my hard work, attention to detail and commitment to infection prevention were on full powerpoint display.

….then I came home to find a check from my lawyer (fail) for the same amount I asked for 23 months ago, before the 30+ doctors appointments and hundreds of hours of exercise.

I have plenty to say and if I don’t get this job….fuck ’em



nothing happened

well, at least nothing that i was expecting to happen. despite preparing and practicing my presentation i cancelled my interview for this afternoon…i was feeling a bit worse and just couldn’t drag myself to an interview that deep down i felt i had only a minimal chance of getting and even if i did, i would struggle financially. it was my ideal white picket fence job…but i don’t see white picket fences  in my future.

no news from the teacher program despite being reassured that i would hear something….blah, blah….blah!

what did i do today?? not a whole lot….like i said i’m still not up to par.  i did putter around the garden and even to my amazement now….i mowed the back garden!!! i distinctly remember last fall missing a final opportunity to mow it before the rains set in…but it is in virtually in the same state. it is so bumpy and uneven, it’s kind of a joke to call it a lawn but after 4 years the garden  is coming around.

i went up to the shop and the nice lady at  the till was sounding sniffly….i said you sound like me…she said she just finished her antibiotics and didn’t feel much better…i said i feel the same~~until tonight!

i am feeling much better, my head is not so bunged up and i’ve had two good nights sleep.

i wonder if anyone is wondering how long it’s been since i complained about the weather~~~i can’t remember the last time!

the weather, even the cold weather has been great!!