I knew…

you knew….we all knew this move to New York had to hit a glitch at some point. It might have been more convenient if it had happened early on and not at the point when I have resigned my position AND….they have already hired a replacement.

Friday I started (undeniably a little late) checking into the progress on my NY nursing license-one of the single most important documents for any nurse, anywhere in the world. I was told by the slightly snotty woman on the phone that I had only filled out one of the 4 forms needed and that once I submitted ALL documents it will still take 4-6 weeks to be processed.

*starts backpedaling*

The lady in New York that obviously holds great power in the issuing of nursing licenses said “it’s all on the website”, just type in nursing form 1 and nursing form 2, etc because everyone would know that….

So I printed out form one which is a 4 page application with sections such as- I am:

  • a US citizen
  • or twelve other choices

Yes, I’m sure that there are a few people who fit into one of the other categories but unless they have paid a huge amount of money for fake documents they are unlikely to be filling out this form.

Another section that gave me a giggle/gasp was 1 (one) space for the “elementary or primary school” I attended!

  • I am 56 years old so we are talking 35-50 years ago
  • I attended 3 schools from kindergarten to junior high school which is probably about average

They must have a lot of confidence in both my memory and family stability to expect me to provide the dates-day/month/year of my attendance.

I was more fortunate to work at the university where I graduated so the form for that was a piece of cake.

At any rate, I am currently looking at unemployment at the end of next week with my best case scenario that my employer agrees to keep me on for another 1-3 weeks (until my replacement arrives) despite my complete disinterest. My favorite scenario is 4-6 weeks of blissful relaxation (while digging deep into my savings account).

Decision Made

Yep, it’s a done deal. I’ve made my decision about whether to take a job in New York…

I’m trying something different with this big decision~ I’m not telling anyone what I’ve decided for a few days. I’m sitting alone with my choice to see if anything feels wrong, uncomfortable, un-doable etc.

It’s all reversible at least til the end of the week…

So far, so good~some of the things that caused me doubts have lost their anxiety producing qualities.

Who knows? Maybe I will be filled with regret in 6 months but for now it feels good.

Should I stay or should I go?

After my relaxing week in New York City and feeling that taking a new job offer was a no-brainer…my brain kicked in.

I went to work Monday…after a second pothole inflicted flat tire ($183) and before I even took off my coat, the phone on my desk was ringing. Some doctor from some TB clinic started recounted some long convoluted story that somehow involved my hospital and me. I interrupted her twice to say that I had been on vacation and had literally just walked in the door so I had no idea if my colleagues already discussed her concerns but she just went on and on and on and on…

Welcome back to work.

On the way in to work on Tuesday small doubts started to creep in to my thoughts. Moving is a lot of work, I should know being the queen of moves. My main concern about leaving my co-worker increased considerably when she told me she was awake at 3am worried about a deadline and decided to come into work at 4am. Mmmmm, work related stress? ya think??

After several more exasperating incidents at work, I told her about my job offer. Today she asked if I wanted to talk to our interim boss about our clueless, better on paper, paper jam colleague~I agreed that this week, before I accept the offer was better than next week.

We were both surprised to hear how obvious the unequal work distribution in our department is to everyone (except the clueless one). The VP had lots of wonderful things to say about me and my co worker, which I interpreted as a desperate attempt to sway my decision but there is a lot of truth to what she said and the results of our hard work is evident on every bulletin board in the hospital.

Now the big question is whether I should fight through the next hurdle knowing that we will have a new boss, a new colleague AND a brand new office support person

or do I bail?




infection control games

It’s getting almost impossible to be motivated about my job. This week there are just two of us in our office-in some ways that’s a good thing big cause our “looks better on paper” colleague is off this week so at least she is not interfering.

I will be off next week and my “worth her weight in gold” colleague will be stuck with the interfering one.

As if we aren’t far enough behind we had to deal with a patient that was found sleeping in a grocery store (homeless) and her only health problem was a serious infestation with….lice, bedbugs and scabies! the issue was the nurses, doctors and social workers decided a good way to determine if the treatment had worked was to move the patient to a clean  second room?!

When I was talking to the very enthusiastic first year resident, I mentioned that it would have been helpful if someone had let Infection Control know about this lady so we could advise them…he told me he didn’t know we had an infection control department



Yes, that was my reaction. I said excuuuuuuse me? Have you ever been to a hospital that didn’t have infection control??? So, he stammered on…duh, ummm, buhhh…she’ll be leaving today….

yeah, right…

She didn’t leave and today I got a call from the administrative assistant to the Vice President for Health Affairs. This admin lady very nicely said that she just got a message from a Dr…Chris… asking me to call him back about a patient with lice. Seriously??

The roundabout story on this is that because we have no associate director, her phone messages have been diverted to an admin person who is now off taking care of her mother so her phone messages are being diverted to her admin boss…who happens to work for the head honcho MD.

When I sent out some directions on how to find the contact information for my “non-existent” department. I was told the required 4 clicks of a mouse was a little “cumbersome”. I held back from responding-so is making 4 unneccessary phone calls to leave a message and wait for a call back.

The topper was that Dr C asked me how to clear the patient, should he do a full exam?? My favorite response in my head to stupid resident questions is~which of us went to medical school??? Yes, Doctor you should examine the patient, make a  decision and then document your medical assessment in the patients chart. That’s how we do it….

The whole point is that I don’t really do my job anymore. I spend my time doing all this stupid, crazy stuff.

Vacation, here I come!




adjective: contemplative
  1. expressing or involving prolonged thought.
“she regarded me with a contemplative eye
synonyms: thoughtfulpensivereflectivemeditative

I suppose I have more than a few things to consider~ job, school, moving, family. The common thread to the whole she-bang?

Why can’t I just settle down? Why am I always looking ahead instead of just enjoying the here and now?

I have friends and family who have lived in the same house for 10…20…30 years.

I have lived in the same state, the same country for 10 years but never the same house. I think the longest I have lived in a single apartment/house is…..6-7 years?

That’s an open question…

images (3)




my move

Partly in response to the ridiculously slow pace of hiring at my job but also for personal reasons, I have applied for a job in New York. Yes, in. new. york. city.

I really enjoyed visiting a few weeks ago and of course my son lives there…why not?

I can’t say I would look forward to another move, not sure how all the details would come together. My Pilsen lover is originally from New Jersey, his elderly are there and not sure if i would rent my house out here…

but sometimes the best response to stress is to have another option.

So I have a Skype interview Tuesday morning.


playing the game

the political, professional game of chess. My small department has been without one Infection Control Practitioner (ICP) since the end of November and one Associate Director since Jan 1. That only leaves 3 of us…

I’m glad to be rid of “the c*nt” and I know my boss had to leave for personal reasons but….big BUT here-I was naive to think that these jobs would just be posted, we’d get a bunch  few candidates, we’d pick one and start the work of orienting them…

In a state government, civil service, union environment???? multiply that by about 1000 twists and turns.

The current status is…the ICP candidates were flops, HR threw out the nurses because they didn’t give a copy of their RN License or couldn’t complete the online application and so the whole posting is cancelled and will have to be re-posted.

The associate director, of which  I am one of the 3 candidates is at least to the second round of interviews….great! fantastic!!!

Until today when I found out that our VP, in charge of the interviews is going on vacation next Friday.

So let me count…the VP and both of my fellow ICPs will be off at some point next weekend…which happens to be my birthday.

happy burfhday to me!