rent a nagging mom

i joined the very well equipped student gym at work in june…the end of the school year…

all summer it’s been blissfully empty and specious

the students are back and while it’s not the most crowded gym i’ve ever been to- the atmosphere has definitely changed. on a sunny late summer day i would expect these students to be outside…or at least doing homework?

i had an idea that i could rent myself out to parents in small town illinois, the one who have scrimped and saved to to said the young’uns to the big city to get an ejucation. i could put together a profile for each student-name, photo, major…and agreed freetime.

for a small fee-if i spot them in the gym outside of the official “free time” i will go to them and say something like:

so, how’s school going? classes? professors? probably got a lot of work to do compared to high school, eh? you know here at university level they don’t nag you to do your your work…and it in on time. if you’re late that’s the way the cookie crumbles…points off your grade…no excuses…big fat F!!!

and how will your hard working parents – who have made great scrifices so you can have a good education – feel when you come home at thanksgiving…quiet and stressed and overwhelmed with all the work you finally realized needs to be completed in too little time?

you won’t be lifting weights and posing for the girls/guys and drinking your triple pumpkin espresso mocha latte hold the whip- in november will you?? no siree bob!! you’ll be eating pot noodle with your nose so far into your keyboard late into the night that you won’t have the energy to crawl to the gym.

so little man/lady i suggest that you pull your head out of your ass and start studying now-do you want to live with your parents til you are 40???

that’s just the warm up-i’d go on explaining how they will single handedly be responsible for the downfall of modern society and life as we know it~~~

do you think i’ve done this speech before?? yep indeedy! and the beauty of this plan is that just like other hugely lucrative money making plans…to be effective the nagging needs to take place every day or two


words of love

last week, i got word through big sister that baby brother’s well worn winter coat was too “puffy”-he was refusing to wear it ……and was freezing. she sent me a link to the one he wanted from land’s end and the very same day i ordered it. i got the email that it was shipped monday and so the wait began…

the wait for the email that would tell me he got it…that it was perfect…just what he wanted …that i am the greastest mom on the planet….

today i emailed him~~

did you get your coat?

his response?

aye, good work

if that doesn’t bring tears to yours eyes…

a change in the weather

i got up very early monday morning and had breakfast in the hotel, typical european stuff….which i love! slices of~bologna, ham, cheeses…cereal, fruit, jam,big jugs of yogurt and bowls labeled vegetable salad, cottage cheeses, sausage salad, which i held myself back from…and really good, brewed coffee~~~with hot milk~~~

i went out early to get more photos except everything had changed~~it was raining….had to go back and get my umbrella and it was cold….but the photos have a unique unpostcard look~~


a fancy gate

a fancy gate


i met up with the research nurse, her mom and baby and we went to the conference, we didn’t stay too long and as we were leaving there were a few options…the stairs, the ramp walkway and a wide path with very shallow steps….i admittedly was not paying attention, i was following my companions while reading a pocket guide to the conference…that’s when that first shallow step reminded me of my mom….she whispered in my ear in a big embarrassing way “watch where you are going!!!! don’t read and walk at the same time!!!” as i suddenly with my 51 year old body slipped and fell…in a big way…enough for other people passing by in addition to those with me to ask if i was okay….

i was, i guess…later i noticed the hole in the knee of my pants. the next morning i saw the swollen foot and the scraped knee….which almost a week later is still fairly uncomfortable….Photo0413

pic of the day

my sisiter in law, megan,  the very talented photographer (one of her many talents, right behind producing gorgeous kids!) sent me this photo she took of my mom and my nephew (her son). she often sends me emails titled “pics of the day” ….if i am honest i have to admit that i don’t look at every single photo…but i do file them in my email folders labeled “campbell” and “brodie”

 i really love this one!!! thanks megan!

mom and campbell

mom and campbell