Feeling like a New Yorker

I’ve been in New York about a month, at my new job just over two weeks. The MTA, in my humble opinion, does not blow. I can see how difficult it may be being pregnant and with a kid but I think on the whole it is quite reliable and even entertaining.

A few examples just from today-

  • A man sat next to me and proceeded to cough~forcefully and frequently~I wanted to say quietly…and have you seen a doctor for that cough?
  • A very strong, muscled black man parked himself legs wide apart right in front of me (sitting), ahem..this placed his crotch within 12 inches of my face and with no place else to divert my eyes on a crowded train.
  • Two moms with two strollers and a gaggle of munchkins like they were walking through a park…during rush hour…really?

So, I left work with my new set of co-workers-4 of us all heading to the same subway station before we got on separate trains~ A & C trains….Uptown and Downtown.

That’s when it hit me-I’m a New Yorker!!

I’m here!

I now fill out the address portion of forms with 11-11 11th street, NYC, 11101! or something like that…

Journeyed on the subway to my new employer to have a physical and drug test etc. Got lost (went too far) twice on the way back. Stayed calm and with my extensive public transportation experience I instinctively knew the beauty of a public transportation system is- there is always the same route going in the opposite direction.

My route consists of the number 7 train to Times Square ans as I learned on the return journey also posted as 42nd street and Port Authority Bus Terminal. Then after a walk and climb up a fairly steep incline on to the express A train. When I get off the train my employer is literally at the top of the stairs.

It feels good to be walking again, walking, going up stairs and inclines and just being out with people. 


Preparing for an adventure

Well….I have been packing all week in sweltering humidity but it’s still better than working. Yesterday I was thinking this must be what it feels like to live in a rain forest!


Familiarity with hot and humid is not easily gained but I’ve got my share from many un-air conditioned summers here in Chicago but also from some time spent in Biloxi, Mississippi and Southeastern Turkey. It’s so yucky that you never really feel clean and fresh, almostt as soon as you get out of the shower you start sweating and want to get back in the shower. I am not a big fan of A/C but desperately humid weather calls for desperate measures aka holing up with A/C.

Almost completely packed for my New York Adventure in fact I may abbreviate that to NYA. I let my new Director know that all my paperwork is complete (I am now a licensed RN in the state of NY) and she replied with an apology about the process being”protracted”… Imagine that?

The hard part now is carefully filling my little car for the drive out there. With such limited space in the Fiat it’s hard to prioritize what to bring.

Tomorrow I’m off, on my own for the 800 mile drive. I don’t have much of a plan-not sure what time I will leave but pretty sure that I will stop overnight in Ohio or Pennsylvania.

I am open and ready for this adventure-hoping to learn something new about life and myself. Because…not-all-those-who-wander-are-lost-anastasiya-malakhova

it’s a done deal

I’m looking at a rapidly approaching “last day” at my current employer. Started a series of good-byes, slyly dodging the going away/leaving do/farewell parties-mainly because I will probably cry. I will officially be unemployed on August 15th.

I have a new job-I just don’t have a NY state nursing license-I am hoping to start Sept 2. I welcome two weeks off to pack, move, paint and settle in. More than two weeks and I will be a very irritable, anxious crazy person.

My lovely but sometimes frustrating manfriend has suddenly come around to the strength of our relationship…he wants us to live together, I’ve been cooking Sunday dinners for him, his son and a few friends and I am invited to his nieces wedding in October. Everything I wanted for the last 3 years.

Hrmph!! A little late, love.

I am outta here, exhausted all options, no turning back-now he can yearn, explore his options and work some magic to join me on the east coast.

At the end of the day, I picture myself retiring in 10 years on a few acres of land in a small village in upstate New York. It would be nice to have a guitar playing hippie share my life. We would make fantastic grandparents together!!


I knew…

you knew….we all knew this move to New York had to hit a glitch at some point. It might have been more convenient if it had happened early on and not at the point when I have resigned my position AND….they have already hired a replacement.

Friday I started (undeniably a little late) checking into the progress on my NY nursing license-one of the single most important documents for any nurse, anywhere in the world. I was told by the slightly snotty woman on the phone that I had only filled out one of the 4 forms needed and that once I submitted ALL documents it will still take 4-6 weeks to be processed.

*starts backpedaling*

The lady in New York that obviously holds great power in the issuing of nursing licenses said “it’s all on the website”, just type in nursing form 1 and nursing form 2, etc because everyone would know that….

So I printed out form one which is a 4 page application with sections such as- I am:

  • a US citizen
  • or twelve other choices

Yes, I’m sure that there are a few people who fit into one of the other categories but unless they have paid a huge amount of money for fake documents they are unlikely to be filling out this form.

Another section that gave me a giggle/gasp was 1 (one) space for the “elementary or primary school” I attended!

  • I am 56 years old so we are talking 35-50 years ago
  • I attended 3 schools from kindergarten to junior high school which is probably about average

They must have a lot of confidence in both my memory and family stability to expect me to provide the dates-day/month/year of my attendance.

I was more fortunate to work at the university where I graduated so the form for that was a piece of cake.

At any rate, I am currently looking at unemployment at the end of next week with my best case scenario that my employer agrees to keep me on for another 1-3 weeks (until my replacement arrives) despite my complete disinterest. My favorite scenario is 4-6 weeks of blissful relaxation (while digging deep into my savings account).

home sweet home

Those words can only be understood by people who, like me, travel away from their “home”.  Staying safely tucked in your comfort zone excludes one from being able to legitimately appreciate the weight of relief that one experiences as you fall into the zone of knowing, which is home.

It’s a transition from the “where am i?” feeling to the “i know where i am.”

I have a few “homes” ….and am about to carve out a new one. How crazy am i?