Oh Creativity, where have you gone?

First, I need to update my previous post-I wanted to see Trainspotting 2 but due to circumstances and $5 Tuesdays I saw the new people version of Beauty and the Beast. As an  8o’s mom I have seen the Disney animated version of this story at least 1,000,000 times but this is a slightly darker story and I really enjoyed it. Being the total romance skeptic that I am it was a little too sugary at the end but hey there must be someone out there that lives happily ever after?

I used to be a pretty creative person-creative and crafty and full of ideas. Lately I am just dry-black and white-parched. Not sure if it’s due to my situation, unstable living arrangements, break ups or just general malaise. I currently have a crochet project sitting untouched and a whole stained glass work shop set up but gathering dust.

I recently had a gush of awake-day dream-imaginative ideas about my garden. It felt good and something I used to feel quite often so just like a lusty libido-which also has left me-i know it’s still there buried under the weight of “life”.

I am pushing myself, browsing Pinterest for ideas and building on some success in the time management department. I learned that if you repeat something 16 times it becomes a habit. I’ve proved that to myself with my boot camp attendance, it took many attempts but I’m finally there. Maybe I can transfer this approach to my stained glass? If I make a commitment to go to the basement everyday after work and just “be there” after 16 times it will be a habit and something creative will come out of it? Kind of twist on fake it til you make it?

My daughter gave me a piece of glass that I made long ago and said it doesn’t have any hanging hardware so maybe that will be step one. Yes, that’s it. Step one— add hardware to hang a piece that is already complete. How hard can that be?


I’m on a roll-I did in fact move from the comfort of my bed and go see movie with my daughter. We chose Lion.

It was good, really good. Set in India and Australia which is always nice to see something other than the same run of the mill American drama/comedy. It did a lot to show the reality of childhood, families and poverty in India.

I’m not saying everyone will love it but I would definitely recommend it.

One thing-the lady who sat two seats away from me, older with a cane, alone…cried through the whole movie. I got a tear or two but she cried-nose blowing crying.

Best of all, this fulfills my new years resolution for February!!

resolution update

I have finally succeeded to fulfill one of my resolutions. I went to my early morning boot camp class all three scheduled  days-Monday, Wednesday AND Friday this week!!

Woo Hoo!!! I usually only get to two sessions each week for some reason-either work, fatigue or just plain laziness. But this week I did it!!

Ironically though that is my 2016 new years resolution! I completely failed on that last year since I even missed 4 months of boot camp because of my surgery. Better late than never!

Now I am struggling with this years resolution to go to a movie-out to the cinema not Netflix on the couch-once per month. I thought this would be a no-brainer-something fun, easy, cheap…

It’s the end of February and I haven’t gone to the movie this month. I wanted to see Manchester by the Sea but that is not playing nearby but I have a second and third runner up and they both start at 4pm today. I just made a cup of coffee and I’m hoping that will give me the the energy to get me out of my warm comfy bed on a cold February afternoon.


prawns, scallops and muppets

In some cases that could be the same thing300px-Pepe-the-prawn

but not last night. We, my friend and I went out to to eat at Francesca’s. I had a very nice shrimp, scallops, spinach mushroom dish and he had salmon then we shared green apple sorbetti….in turns out this week marks 3 years since we met.

then on to the cinema blockbuster that is the Muppets Most Wanted


Hey, this is not Oscar stuff but it is pure Muppets-funny, corny, predictable and 112 minutes of not thinking about work, school, snow or kids…

tracya goes to the cinema

My friends consider me the movie know nothing, I rarely go to the movies and even with all the ways of viewing movies I still don’t see many. Some of the most popular movies people talk about I haven’t seen…Silence of the Lambs, E.T., Mama Mia…didn’t see them.

Most of the movies I’ve watched in the last ten years have been on planes…

But today…not only did I go to the movies but I saw a NEW release!!! The Grand Budapest Hotel


My review? Funny, different, adult, quirky…go see it!!!

my movie reviews

my main opportunity for watching movies is when i’m held captive in a metal spear flying at 37,000 feet~~ desperately trying to distract myself.

on my recent flights i watched “the social network”

it was good, interesting-better than i expected

next was “the town”- a cops and robbers story with a bit of love story thrown in set in boston- gotta love a bahston accent…

then i watched “animal kingdom”- same type of story as the town.. +10. more intense accent, more intense story, more intense action…really good-i had to go back and watch the beginning again to get the background for what came later~~

i know i am completely out of touch with american tv but i also watched “30 rock”, for the first time….curb your enthusiasm and the american office- i have seen these before…

as a last effort to pass time i also watched “ramona and beezus”…i remember these books from my childhood…or my sister’s and was pleasantly surprised at how clever and funny it was

my movie buff friends can be proud of me…that means you,  jules!!!