Feeling like a New Yorker

I’ve been in New York about a month, at my new job just over two weeks. The MTA, in my humble opinion, does not blow. I can see how difficult it may be being pregnant and with a kid but I think on the whole it is quite reliable and even entertaining.

A few examples just from today-

  • A man sat next to me and proceeded to cough~forcefully and frequently~I wanted to say quietly…and have you seen a doctor for that cough?
  • A very strong, muscled black man parked himself legs wide apart right in front of me (sitting), ahem..this placed his crotch within 12 inches of my face and with no place else to divert my eyes on a crowded train.
  • Two moms with two strollers and a gaggle of munchkins like they were walking through a park…during rush hour…really?

So, I left work with my new set of co-workers-4 of us all heading to the same subway station before we got on separate trains~ A & C trains….Uptown and Downtown.

That’s when it hit me-I’m a New Yorker!!

I’m here!

I now fill out the address portion of forms with 11-11 11th street, NYC, 11101! or something like that…

Journeyed on the subway to my new employer to have a physical and drug test etc. Got lost (went too far) twice on the way back. Stayed calm and with my extensive public transportation experience I instinctively knew the beauty of a public transportation system is- there is always the same route going in the opposite direction.

My route consists of the number 7 train to Times Square ans as I learned on the return journey also posted as 42nd street and Port Authority Bus Terminal. Then after a walk and climb up a fairly steep incline on to the express A train. When I get off the train my employer is literally at the top of the stairs.

It feels good to be walking again, walking, going up stairs and inclines and just being out with people. 


Decision Made

Yep, it’s a done deal. I’ve made my decision about whether to take a job in New York…

I’m trying something different with this big decision~ I’m not telling anyone what I’ve decided for a few days. I’m sitting alone with my choice to see if anything feels wrong, uncomfortable, un-doable etc.

It’s all reversible at least til the end of the week…

So far, so good~some of the things that caused me doubts have lost their anxiety producing qualities.

Who knows? Maybe I will be filled with regret in 6 months but for now it feels good.

home sweet home

Those words can only be understood by people who, like me, travel away from their “home”.  Staying safely tucked in your comfort zone excludes one from being able to legitimately appreciate the weight of relief that one experiences as you fall into the zone of knowing, which is home.

It’s a transition from the “where am i?” feeling to the “i know where i am.”

I have a few “homes” ….and am about to carve out a new one. How crazy am i?

I survived Amtrak

Actually it was pretty good, all 19 hours! packed but nice crowd, no broken toilets or ventilation disasters, arrived 15 minutes early although several people were miffed that they closed the snack bar a full 3 hours before arriving at Penn Station…

I was able to write most of one of my papers for school and based on a question from one of my fellow students, Ms. Smarty Pants, I am further along on the “big project”, so there!

Today is Easter, it’s supposed to be 70 degrees- so you will find me walking around Manhattan and Central Park-pictures to follow.